How to warm a bath

How to warm a bath

Heat insulation of a bath is necessary for economy of fuel, so and money. Better once to spend for warming of a structure. The best option is a warming of a bath during its construction, together with installation of well thought over system of air exchange and ventilation in this structure. If you conceived to construct a capital bath, address about it to experts.

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It is necessary to begin warming of a bath with the top part of the base. For this purpose use mineral-cotton plates. The soil which is under a floor warm expanded clay or slag 1,5 - 2 times thick more thickly than bearing walls of a bath. It is necessary in order that logs always were in dryness. Surely leave air vents in the base that moisture in it did not collect.


Warming of walls depends on material of which they are made. If it is a wooden felling, the main attention should be paid to seal of cracks on joints of wreaths. It is very laborious work and it has to be made in the course of creation of a felling. Brick walls warm glass wool or mineral mats. When the bath is already constructed, from within a wall it is necessary to paroizolirovat. It can be made by means of clay solution.


The greatest attention when warming walls of a bath needs to be paid window and to doorways. For preservation of heat, in a bath do very small windows, having them is closer to a floor. Most often heat leaves through cracks under a window window sill, in glasses which are leaky inserted and in the most wooden design. Of course, in an ideal in a bath there have to be double, threefold glasses, it is best of all to establish a plastic window. If it is expensive to you, establish two glasses in one frame carefully having adjusted glasses by the sizes. It is possible to pressurize windows by putty which is applied and on the nails fixing flew down to a frame. If the bath is built of a brick, windows can be replaced with glass blocks at all. The air chambers which are in a glass block perfectly hold heat. However and in such baths it is necessary to put window leaves for ventilation of the room.


Doors in a steam room do not put too high as heat leaves at the top. Doors surely adjust by the sizes in order to avoid emergence of cracks.


If you made good thermal insulation in a bath, it will quicker get warm, will hold much more long heat, and your expenses on fuel will be cut down.