How to choose a perfume for women

How to choose a perfume for women

Aromas are capable to work wonders. If the person exhales a pleasant smell, in the opinion of people around it becomes more attractive that is especially important for the woman. It is necessary to choose suitable perfume only competently.

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First of all understand for yourself the most important and main property of any aroma: a smell as well as music, has the lower, average and top notes. One flakonchik with spirits includes each of them. You feel the top notes directly after putting perfume on a body, after them average notes reveal. And here the lower notes are the most resistant, they also accompany the person during the day. They have no pungent smell, are a little notable to the people surrounding you. Therefore at a choice of perfume never hurry, wait and let's aroma prove from all directions.

Besides, consider that the smell on each woman can reveal differently. At first sight, it is remarkable. After all on you perfume can prove in the most unique way, thanks to your individual ph level. However on the other hand, this fact forces to belong to so important purchase even more accurately. Even do not read responses of girls at forums, do not listen to councils of girlfriends - remember that at you on skin aroma can reveal from absolutely unexpected side.

Besides, do not buy perfume only because they are considered as the most fashionable in this season. You have to choose aroma for yourself, first of all it has to be pleasant to you, and only then to people around. Also do not get perfume in shops in which it is exposed on direct light, in close proximity to heat sources. In such conditions spirits quickly lose the aromatic properties and become not palatable.

Do not buy perfume being guided only by high price. Happens and so that not really expensive aromas are much more pleasant and resistant, than perfume of expensive brands.