How to sharpen on the lathe

How to sharpen on the lathe

The lathe represents the device by means of which processing of preparations from various material by rotation is carried out. From it it is possible to make a carving and to grind cylindrical and conic surfaces. Thanks to the practicality and convenience of use in various conditions, it is widely applied at the majority of the industrial enterprises in the territory of our country.

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The lathe is very simple in development and at desire to learn to work behind it practically any person more or less familiar with the principle of operation of similar industrial units will be able. To sharpen on the lathe, insert between two terminations of a running shaft which receives rotation from the running mechanism, preparation. Further press "Start-up" on the dashboard and start preparation processing.


Cutter which will influence it, move slowly and carefully as the slightest awkward movement can lead to damage of preparation or to accident. In case the knife on a cutter became blunted, change it. If you do not know how to turn on the lathe and how to work behind it, ask for the help more skilled fellow workers. They will in detail explain you procedure of inclusion/switching off of the machine and will teach you to work at it.


Daily practice, and over time you will achieve quite good results and will become the real turner. Also study the instruction on use of the lathe. In it solutions of all those problems which you will face in the course of its operation have to be described.


During the work behind the lathe put on overalls and well tie sleeves. Otherwise at the careless movement fabric will be reeled up on the rotating parts of the machine that can lead to injuries. Accurate follow safety measures during the work the lathe, and you will save the health and health of the colleagues.


Screw-cutting lathes are used in many industries and by right are considered as the most universal of all types of lathes. They are applied generally to single or limited-edition production of various details and preparations. The desktop lathe is intended for cylindrical, conic and shaped processing of metal, wood and plastic. For the best cutting of a carving it is equipped with the special indicator.