How quickly to gain body weight

How quickly to gain body weight

Quickly it is possible to gain body weight by means of the strengthened food and regular trainings sport. To achieve good result, you have to increase amount of the consumed protein and not less than two times a week to visit a gym.

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Quickly it is possible to gain body weight by means of occupations in a gym and the strengthened food. Increase number of meals. Eat not less than 4-5 times a day. Professional bodybuilders for maintenance of the form eat about 7-8 times. Each meal has to contain 50-60% of carbohydrates (it is desirable "slow"), 30-35% of proteins and only 10-20% of fats.

Use a large amount of protein, after all it participates in growth and development of muscles. For this purpose eat the following products: pork, chicken meat, bean, mushrooms, egg powder (in it a squirrel, than in boiled eggs is almost three times more), nuts. But place particular emphasis on two products: on firm cheeses and eggs (including quail). The protein containing in them is easily acquired by an organism. So, these products best of all are suitable for a body weight set. Enter not less than 6 eggs and 200 grams of cheese into the daily diet. Of course, these products have to go addition to your usual food.

2-3 times a week be engaged in a gym. The organism has to not only receive loading, but also be restored after it. Therefore it is not recommended to carry out training daily. Time for occupations has to make 1-1,5 hours, including 2 warm-ups on aerobic exercise machines.

Consider also intensity of occupations. Work with the maximum weight which will be able to sustain. Time between approaches has to make 60-90 seconds. The maximum effect can be reached at high intensity of occupations. The set of body weight depends on how muscles during training, and how qualitatively they have a rest during restoration were strongly loaded.

Include general exercises which involve a large number of muscles in the program. It is a press lying, knee-bends, stanovy draft. Give all classes with the maximum weightings, surely use bars and dumbbells.

You should not spend too much time on exercise machines, after all they only give to muscles relief, but do not help to increase body weight. Be engaged with a free weight more, only it will help you to achieve result quickly.