How to pump up hip inside

How to pump up hip inside

Women are often dissatisfied with a condition of an internal surface of hips. Flabby muscles and a rough surface of skin spoil even the most slim figure. The regular trainings including exercises on internal muscles of a hip will help to rectify situation.

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Get up about a wall, hands lean about a surface. Transfer body weight to the left foot, right take aside and up. Do by the right foot of the movement on pendulum type that to the left, to the right. Make 20–30 repetitions of exercise and trade feet places.


Sit down on a floor, a foot connect, part knees in the parties, rest against them palms. With an exhalation press on knees, and push them to a floor. Keep pressure of 5-7 seconds, on a breath relax hands. Repeat exercise of 7-10 times.


Lay down on a floor, raise the straightened feet up, put hands along a body. On a breath as much as possible part feet in the parties, connect them to an exhalation. Repeat exercise of 20-30 times.


Carry out exercise from the previous starting position "scissors". On a breath part feet in the parties, cross them to an exhalation in hips. Carry out exercise of 3 minutes.


Bend feet in knees, place between them a ball. With an exhalation press knees on a ball as if try to cramp them. Keep pressure of 5-10 seconds, then on a breath relax muscles. Repeat exercise of 7-10 times.


Lying on a back, attract heels as it is possible closer to buttocks. Straighten the right foot and raise it up. With an exhalation lower a foot to the right and down, but do not concern a floor. Do the shaking movements by a foot up – down within 1–2 minutes. Repeat exercise by the left foot.


Raise direct feet up. Lower the right foot aside, and spin it. Amplitude by a foot try to do the most maximum. Take 10–15 detours in one party, change the direction of the movement. Repeat exercise on the left foot.


Excellent impact on internal muscles of hips is made by rope jumping, cross-country run, swimming, rock-climbing. At any suitable case carry out similar power loadings.