How to make figures of beads

How to make figures of beads

The volume products from beads made the hands will become a fine gift your native and to friends. The flowers executed in this way are very beautiful. Production of figures from beads - fascinating occupation.

It is required to you

- thin wire with a diameter of 0,3 mm;
- beads green, pink, it is dark also light brown flowers.

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For performance of petals on the end of a wire 1,8 m long make an eyelet and put on 15 biserinok then, at distance of 15 cm from a loop make pereknut 2 cm and a loop.

Put on 14 more biserinok a tail and fix, having made an oval with the previous beads. String one for other 12 more biserinok and fix them on the other hand. Add on six rows on each party, increasing number biserin in them by 3 pieces.

At edges of petals, since the 16th row, do jags, receding on 10 biserin from edge. Pass a wire from seamy side biserin inside.

Collect 5 more petals. Across each lepestochk pass a wire, densely fixing it on ranks.

For production of stamens put on 4 cm a delay light-brown biserin and 2,5 cm darkly brown, having made of them a flattened oval and having fixed a wire tip.

For a pestle bend a wire (40 cm) in half, having made an eyelet. On 2 tails dress on 15 biserin, twist the ends of a wire again and string on them on 15 biserinok, and then still on 8, having twisted them in eyelets and having added on 15 pieces. Straighten a pestle, having given it a natural look and having unbent eyelets outside.

For production of leaves cut off on 3 m of a wire. On the end make a loop and gather 10 biserin, having receded 15 cm. In each subsequent row increase quantity of beads, and attaching them to the previous row. The leaf has to have the extended form and consist of 21 rows. Do the second leaf slightly more, of 27 rows.

For a stalk twist a wire by 8 times, wind with a green thread and fix superglue.

All details fix to each other a wire. At first collect a flower, having attached to each other petals, stamens and a pestle. Then attach it to a stalk, having wound a fastening place with a wire with green beads. Attach leaves to a stalk. Accurately remove the wire remains.