How to clarify hair of black color

How to clarify hair of black color

It is impossible to clarify hair of black color from the first usually. To achieve the necessary shade and not to burn them, clarification is carried out gradually, each time painting hair lighter shades.

It is required to you

- hair-dye;
- oxidizer;
- the clarifying powder;
- foil;
- remover.

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Paint hair the professional paints which are on sale in shops of hairdresser's accessories. They are not much more expensive than class paints of a massmarket. Professional paints give that shade which was in a palette on hair. Besides, they not so strongly spoil hair that is important at clarification of black hair.


If your hair were not painted before, choose paint 2-3 tones lighter than your natural. To learn your tone, take a palette of hair-dyes in shop and compare a hair color in scorch with yours. If your tone 3, paint to you it is necessary 5-6 tones if you have the 5th tone, 7-8, etc.


Buy 9% an oxidizer to paint. Usually paint mixes up with an oxidizer in the ratio 1:1, i.e. on a paint tube in 60 ml you need 60 ml of an oxidizer. A series of special blondes (the 12th tone) mixes up with an oxidizer in the ratio 1:2. Read the instruction to paint or take an interest at the seller, how many the oxidizer is required to you.


Apply paint on clean dry hair. Sustain the put time and wash away. If you plan to clarify once again hair, make an interval in 2 weeks.


You can gradually clarify black hair highlighting. For its carrying out mix the clarifying powder and 12% an oxidizer in the ratio 1:1. Powder and an oxidizer are also on sale in shops of professional cosmetics. Cut a foil strips 10-12 cm wide and about 30 cm long Take a thin lock of hair, enclose under it a foil. Apply paint on hair and wrap a foil upward to roots. Repeat the same with other hair. Wash away paint from hair in 30-40 minutes. Do the following highlighting in 3-4 weeks on other locks of hair. Gradually all hair will be clarified, and it will be necessary to streak only a radical zone.


If your hair were painted in dark color before, make a remover. Get special means for this purpose in shop. They can be called as means for a dekapazh, proofreaders of color, emulsions for removal of resistant paints. Apply on dry hair structure for a dekapirovaniye (remover), sustain time specified in the instruction and then wash out hair water. Together with a remover from hair the pigment will be removed. If paint was washed up insufficiently, apply a remover repeatedly already on moist hair.


After a remover if the received color does not suit you, clarify hair resistant paint. For clarification on 1 tone use 6% an oxidizer, on 2-3 tones - 9%.