How to define, how many kernels in the processor-1

How to define, how many kernels in the processor-1

The processor, or CPD (central processor device) – the device processing a program code. Computer productivity, generally depends on characteristics of the processor. Multinuclear chips are capable to carry out in parallel some streams of teams.

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It is possible to determine quantity of kernels in the processor by means of Windows. Start "Task manager" by means of hotkeys of Alt+Ctrl+Delete or click right mouse button on an empty seat on "The panel of tasks" and choose the option "Task manager". It is possible to use a combination of hotkeys of Shift+Ctrl+Esc also.

Select the Speed tab. The quantity of kernels of the processor usually sootvetstvovut to quantity of the windows displaying the schedule of loading in the section "Chronology of Loading of the Central Processing Unit". However it is necessary to rely on these data circumspectly. Perhaps, at you on the computer virtualization of kernels, i.e. imitation of operation of the multinuclear processor on the one-nuclear is included.

It is possible to find data on the processor on the site of the producer. Cause a drop-down menu click of right mouse button on the pictogram "My computer" and choose the option "Properties". On the General tab the main information on system will be output. Copy data which belong to the processor, visit the website of manufacturing firm and find the details interesting you.

There is one more way: in "Control panel" double click "Administration", then "Control of the computer" and choose equipment "Device manager". Open the Processors hub and copy data.

To learn technical characteristics of the processor including the quantity of kernels, is possible by means of third-party programs. Download and start the free utility of CPU-Z. On the CPU tab information on this device is output. In the lowermost section, in a window of Core the quantity of kernels of the processor is reported.

One more convenient free program – PC Wizard. Download it from the site of the developer and establish on the computer. Start, having double clicked according to the starting PC Wizard.exe file, and press the Iron button. Then click a mouse on an icon "Processor". In the right part of a window in the section "Element" find the line Number of core, and in the section "Description" – number of kernels.