How to knit a shawl

How to knit a shawl

The patten shawl thrown shoulders was always decoration of the woman. In the summer evenings the knitted shawl not only will warm, but also will be effective addition to any dress. At basic ability to knit a hook, you will be able to create an exclusive subject of your clothes.

It is required to you

Hook No. 3,5
Wool 350gr weight.

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Drawings of knittings: "cockleshells", "fans", magnificent columns.


"Cockleshell" consists of 8 extended columns with nakidy, knitted from one loop of the basis. The extended column knit as a usual column with nikidy, but after a nakid extend a loop on a hook on 1,5sm.


"Fan" consists of 4 twisted columns knitted from one loop of the basis. For performance of a twisted column of 25 times to a nikinta a thread on a hook, enter a hook into a basis loop, extend a working thread, again to a nikinta a thread on a hook and stretch it through the loop and all nikida which are on a hook.


Beginning of knitting.
Connect a chain of 218 air loops. Provyazhite 1 row columns with the nakidy.


The pattern of a shawl is carried out on the work face. All back ranks knit equally - 5 air loops columns without nakid attach in the center of drawings and between them. At the beginning and the end of each row a pattern not to a dovyazyvayta, reducing row length from two parties by a half of "cockleshell".


1 row: 13 "cockleshells", 1 "fan", 13 "cockleshells". Between patterns to a provyazyvayta one column without nakid.


3 row: 12 "cockleshells", 2 "fans", 12 "cockleshells".


5 row: 11 "cockleshells", 1 "fan", 1 "cockleshell", 1 "fan", 11 "cockleshells".


The number of "cockleshells" in the subsequent ranks will decrease, in the center the double rhombus from "fans" will turn out. In the 27th row there has to be one "cockleshell".


Tie a shawl with chains of 5 air loops, attach them columns without nakid on extreme "cockleshells".
Edges of a shawl can be trimmed with brushes.