What is chair?

What is chair?
The word "chair" in translation from the Crimean Tatar language means "haymaking", but in Russian value of this word is much wider. Chair is a forest garden in which both coniferous, and fruit, and ornamental plants grow without any leaving. Chaira it is possible to see along all Crimean coast.

The Chairny woods are an ancient historical tradition of the Crimea, very curious phenomenon in landscape architecture. Formation of such woods – result of centuries-old impact of the person on mountain vegetation, a peculiar selection work during which by a natural way those were selected breeds of trees which could adapt to severe conditions and grow without participation of the person, without cutting, watering, loosening and protection against diseases and wreckers. Once creation of the chairny woods was dictated by need to have on small grounds and a haymaking, and at the same time an orchard.

Planting of trees and bushes in the chairny wood is a difficult ritual which subtleties know the few today. For example, the walnut was landed absolutely differently, than order all recommendations about cultivation of this culture. The superficial fruit hole was dug out, on a bottom the flat stone which did not allow the main root to leave deep into the fruitless soil kept within, thereby forcing to develop lateral roots at a small depth in a fertile layer of the earth. From above on a stone filled some handfuls of wheat or barley, over time grains sprouted, but could not break through on a surface and decayed in the earth. It was natural fertilizer for a young tree initially. One more secret – when landing was connected together by two saplings so that roots intertwined. In a year – two that trunk that was weaker was cut off and the remained sapling received powerful root system.

All fruit the sizes slightly concedes in the chairny woods to garden grades, and berries of a cornel are much larger. Apricots, plums, pears and apples differ in wonderful forest aroma, absolutely not worm-eaten and of course environmentally friendly – to anybody to mind will not come to process chemicals the healthy trees yielding annually plentiful harvest.

Except the chairny woods there is also the well-known park Chair, the former manor of the grand duke Romanov. Till today the park Chair is famous for the magnificent rosary and a well-groomed garden.