How to dress up a lka

How to dress up a lka

Everyone decorates a Christmas tree on the taste and a harmony. However there are invariable principles. As to decorate a Christmas tree?

Before putting a fir-tree, some days before it, unload all fir-tree toys from cases and look, whether all are in your arsenal. Look, perhaps, there are burst or broken toys, check, whether everything is enough. If something were not counted, make the list, then it is high time to go to shop. Do fir-tree toys by the hands, it is always interesting, especially if you have children. Such occupation unites all family. Use acorns, nuts, cones.

If you are allowed by a living space, put a big fir-tree to the biggest room.

Do not stanovit a live fir-tree near batteries or other heating means. Fix it properly that children or house living creatures did not tumble down a fir-tree. It is possible to make an extension, from a top to eaves and on cases. Raise a small fir-tree above. Put on a stool or a table, decorate a fir-tree podium with beautiful fabric, with New Year's motives or paper, fill various spangles, put vatu, make snow imitation. Your gifts will look much more beautifully under a fir-tree.

Try to dress up a fir-tree in one scale, it will give it elegance. Before hanging up an electric garland check it, having included in the socket. If all bulbs work, start to give short weight them a fir-tree. The cut garland, it will make a fir-tree irresistible, patches of light will be more than from a garland with smooth bulbs. In order to avoid the fire, do not apply a candle on fir-trees, cheap counterfeit electrogarlands.

At first on a fir-tree the garland is hung up, surely include it, you will see how it is better to distribute it on fir-tree branches. Hang up it on a spiral if hang up simply from below up, it will be ugly and wrong, only then toys. Distribute bulbs so that they were visible because of toys. It is possible to use some garlands, for illumination of toys.

Big toys arrange on the lower branches of a fir-tree, than you move to a top closer, toys have to be smaller. On a small fir-tree, big toys will ugly look, hang up smaller toys. And decorate a big Christmas tree big toys, respectively below big toys, gradually above smaller. Decorate with different toys, two identical toys should not hang nearby, alternate them. That it was easier to hang up toys, buy paper clips and hang up toys on paper clips. It is possible to arrive more romantically, it when each toy hangs on a magnificent bow. Toys from glass, hang up on strong branches that did not slide off and did not break. Do not forget to hang up some candy, mandarinka, cookies on a fir-tree, it very much is pleasant to children. Wrap each type of a product in a multi-colored foil and hang up on a fir-tree. And now the most important point, it is necessary to decorate a fir-tree top. It is possible to put on a traditional top a top, and it is possible to tie a beautiful bow.

According to your desire can decorate a fir-tree with tinsel, a beads, the serpentine, all

that it is necessary for your soul. It is put in the last turn, the finishing touch. Father Frost and the Snow Maiden, too have to stand under a fir-tree. Well, and now time of gifts. Place them round a fir-tree.

Happy New Year!