How to process piercing in a navel

How to process piercing in a navel

Today a huge number of girls do piercing in a navel worldwide. And it can be understood, after all all the desire to look more sexually directs. Surprisingly as the small ear ring can emphasize a slim figure of the girl. Unfortunately, piercing quite dangerous procedure. To avoid infection and an inflammation, it is necessary to process a wound.

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So, you made piercing. 4-5 hours later after this procedure remove a bandage and go to a shower. To wash a navel from the turned blood use only water, refuse soap, gel and the clearing solutions.

When you before going to bed again go to a bathtub use soft antibacterial soap which part Triklozan is. Remember that apply it only once in day. To wash out a navel, gather water in a hand and apply to a stomach. 2-3 minutes later a new toothbrush with a soft bristle clean off a scab from an ear ring. Surely track that did not remain any small slices. Otherwise it will lead to development of an infection. After that slowly and accurately pull a bar up, clear its opposite end. Then lower ornament down and repeat procedure.

The following step – processing of a navel the clearing solution. For this purpose make foam some drops of this liquid on a hand and apply on an ear ring. Move a bar, having allowed solution to get inside. Wait a couple of minutes then carefully wash out a wound. Otherwise solution can razdrazhit skin.

To accelerate healing of a wound, prepare salt solution. For this purpose part 0,5 teaspoons of sea salt in a small amount of hot water and let's it cool down. After that lay down on a back and turn a glass on a stomach. Remain in such provision of 10-15 minutes. Repeat this procedure several times a day.

Every time after processing of a navel carefully delete moisture. Use for this purpose napkins since in a towel there can be infections. Owners of a deep navel have to clear it a wadded tampon daily.

One more way to accelerate healing of a navel – to process it lavandovy oil. For this purpose use only those preparations which were bought in a drugstore and have marking of BP. Besides track that oil got in a wound. Continue to use it even after piercing begins to live. So you warn peresushivany wounds. Remember that only at the correct leaving you will be able long to enjoy the piercing.