How to put to bed the two-year-old child

How to put to bed the two-year-old child

Two years are such wonderful and interesting age. But there is no mother on light whom the question did not face how to put the two-year-old child to bed. All face this problem. What ways exist to put the child to bed?

It is required to you

Books with fairy tales and poems, knowledge of lullabies and patience.

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Two years are an age when the child starts learning the world actively. He should move, play constantly. The kid simply does not sit in place as many mothers notice. That the child well fell asleep, he should put a stock of the energy somewhere, differently it it will be impossible to put to bed in the afternoon, not at night. And the dream just is also necessary that to restore this energy.


Accustom the child to the mode. As in kindergarten. When the child is accustomed to the mode, he already knows that after walk there will be a lunch and a dream. And in the evening - walk, a dinner, water procedures and a dream.


Surely walk with the child before going to bed. Let he will run about with other children, will drive on a hill, will rock on a swing. After walk it will be much simpler to lay the child. But watch that the child did not overtire, differently it will be heavy to it to fall asleep.


Create to the child all conditions for a dream. Before going to bed surely air the room. For the child, according to pediatricians, optimum temperature in 18-20 degrees at humidity of 50-70%.


If it is a day dream - switch off the TV, veil curtains. If you put to bed for the night - include a night lamp.


If you stack the kid not in a bed, and on your bed or a sofa, lie down near him. If in a bed - sit down nearby.


To children presence of mother before going to bed is very important. Some children have enough of that mother simply lay down a couple of minutes nearby. Some even at two-year age still are rocked to sleep is already overindulgence. Since the birth it is not necessary to accustom to an ukachivaniye.


At this age children already love fairy tales, verses. Read the favourite book to the kid, tell the fairy tale, sing a lullaby.


Tenderly stroke a forehead to the baby is calms.


Put to sleep the baby in good mood that the kid did not cry and did not shout. Before going to bed think up the ritual. For example, by means of the poem show to the child that all go to bed. Read a verse and show to the baby of the picture where all go to bed or already sleep. One of such poems is called "A lullaby for Hare".