How to fill in the sick-list, a sample

How to fill in the sick-list, a sample

Since July 22, 2011 the new order of filling and issue of sick-lists works. The sick-list is filled in with the attending physician and the employer of the diseased. The new form of a leaf of disability entered this year is characterized by most ciphered look and existence of a large number of information allowing to identify insurance company and the insured person.

It is required to you

- sick-list;
- the handle with black paste.

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If you are an employer, you should meet filling of sick-lists often. By new rules of registration of sick-lists fill them with printing capital letters ink of black color or by means of printers. Put records in specially taken away cells, starting with the first of them. Track that all records did not overstep the bounds of cells. If the text is not located, simply stop record.

Specify the reduced or full name of the organization in the column "work place-the name of the organization", put a tick in the columns "primary place of employment" or "in combination", write number of the insurer assigned by body of Social insurance fund. (column "registration №\"), put a subordination code from 5 figures in the corresponding column.

In the presence of individual tax number disabled specify it in the sick-list. At pregnancy or childbirth do not fill in this column. Specify number of the insurance certificate of the Pension fund in the column "SNILS", and in the column "Charge Conditions" put down one or several codes.

So, the 43rd code is put if at insured there is a right for privileges as the person which was affected by radiation; 44 – if the employee works at Far North or in the conditions equated to it and got to work in this district till 2007. 45 – in case of disability, 46 - in the presence of the employment contract for up to 6 months, 47 – if disability happened within 30 days after dismissal. 48 – at violation of the mode for a good reason, 49 - if disability lasts 4 months in a row (it is made out for workers with disability). 50 - if disability exceeds 5 months in a year (for disabled people). 51 it is applied to the insured person working in the conditions of part-time.

Besides in the sick-list in the columns of the same name specify date of appearance at work, an insurance experience, not insurance periods (service in army), average day earnings, the grant sum, the general the sum to payment (column "total it is added").

Certify the sick-list the signature of the head and chief accountant. Putting a stamp on the sick-list, pay attention to that the press did not close information.
If you the individual entrepreneur, put the signature in both columns.