How to wash glass

How to wash glass

There is a huge number of ways of washing and purification of glasses of pollution. It not only means of household chemicals, but also national. In this article we just will also tell how it is better to wash and clean glasses.

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The first way is also very simple. It is enough to buy and apply ready chemical means like "Second" or "Nikhtinol". These preparations include ammonia, antistatic and ethyl alcohol in the structure. Spray means on a surface of glass and remove with a sponge or a dry soft rag in 15-20 minutes.


If those means are not present under a hand, can use simple water. It is better to take water warm, but not hot. Before washing of glass prepare at once two capacities with water. One of them will be for washing, the second – for rinsing. And still stock up with the second dry rag for a water wipe from glass. As a last resort, for deleting from glass of water it is possible to use crumpled newspapers. Wipe glasses dry that there were no stains.


If to add table salt to water, it will protect from frosting in the winter your windowpane, and will add it additional gloss. Having added to capacity with water by 1 part of sal ammoniac on each 10 parts of water, you will be able to wash away without effort from glasses fat spots.


The dimmed glass washes warm acetic solution (on 1 l of water 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar undertake). And at strong pollution of a surface of glass solution of chloric lime (on 1 l of water take 50 g of lime) will help.


And here quite ancient means for washing and cleaning of glasses: on 2-3 tablespoons of pounded chalk or tooth powder take 1 glass of water. Mix them in uniform gruel. Moisten with this gruel a rag and wipe glass. Having waited for glass drying, wipe it a dry and soft rag or a piece of the crumpled newspaper until powder completely is removed.


In order that your glass as is possible remained pure more long, wipe it after washing by the rag moistened in solution from 100 g of glycerin, 50 g of water and several droplets of liquid ammonia. After glass processing, let's it dry out. But do not erase solution.


If you want to clear the frozen glass of ice, dissolve a salt handful in water halfliter, moisten with this solution a rag or a sponge and carry out it on an ice crust. Wipe dry glass by means of a rag when ice disappears.