How to obtain the license of the security guard

How to obtain the license of the security guard

The license of the security guard — the document confirming the professional level of the security guard and giving to his owner a number of advantages, for example, the right to use firearms on duty. Certainly, it is much simpler to the security guards having the license to get a job, and their work is paid much above. Therefore everyone who chose for himself profession of the security guard, seeks to obtain the license of the security guard.

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The way to obtaining the treasured document, as a rule, looks so:

The candidate comes to one of the private security companies of the city with intention to get a job of the security guard As a rule, it will be required any of types of testing, questioning or interview. It quite normally and is necessary. After successful passing of the previous stage and before an execution of an employment agreement the new employee has to be trained on courses of private security guards. As a rule, the center of training is at each private security company. Training term usually does not exceed three months. It is necessary to pass a number of offsets and examinations following the results of which the chairman of examination committee makes the decision on issue of the document.

Training in training center is paid by the employer.

To obtain the license of the security guard, it is necessary to pass examinations:

Legal preparation. The security guard has to know perfectly the law on private security activity, the law on the weapon, and also bases of both the criminal, and administrative legislation. Activity of the security guard is interfaced to constant risk of violation of the law on ignorance, and ignorance of the law, as we know, is not the sufficient reason to avoid responsibility for its violation. Special preparation. This discipline includes the knowledge and abilities connected with possession of specifics (handcuffs, PR, tear gas), and also possession of effective methods of neutralization of violators, doing thus the minimum harm them to health or at all doing without that harm. Fire preparation. The discipline includes not only actually firing from different types of firearms, but also knowledge of their device, and also ability to make assembly, dismantling, cleaning. Physical preparation. On this discipline additional comments are excessive. Medical preparation (offset). The security guard has to be able to provide first aid at various injuries, beginning from changes and finishing with gunshot wounds of various parts of a body. Psychological preparation (offset). Includes as skill of preservation of self-control and self-checking in any situations, and ability to settle the conflicts without the use of force. Technical training (offset). The various aspects of use of various technical means connected with their storage, registration and receiving.