How to adjust Samsung of Witu

How to adjust Samsung of Witu

Samsung Witu became one of the most popular communicators of the last time. On the device the operating system from Windows which can seem quite difficult for novice users is installed. However if to be able it is correctly to adjust the OS parameters, phone will seem not such and difficult.

It is required to you

- editor of the register (Resco file explorer or Registry Workshop)

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To clean a keyboard autocall Samsung WiTu phone, it is necessary to edit the corresponding parameters of the register. For this purpose it is necessary to download and install the Registry Workshop or Resco File Explorer program.


Through the pleasant editor pass into a branch of "HKEY_CURRENT_USERControlPanelSip" and establish value of the DWORD TurnOffAutoDeploy parameter on 1. Keep changes. After that the keyboard will be caused only manually when pressing the corresponding button on the display.


To adjust display of contacts with SIM it is necessary to start similarly the editor of the register, and in a branch of "HKEY_CURRENT_USERControlPanelPhone" create a new key of "DWORD" and set to it the name "ShowSim". Establish value of a key "1" if you wishif you wish to show contacts, and 0 value if you wishif you wish them to hide.


For installation of own sound on the SMS it is necessary to throw off on phone a melody in the .wmf format. Write down the received file in a root of the Windows folder of phone. For installation of own melody on an alarm clock it is necessary to throw off the file of the .wav format in the same folder. After that pass into the menu of notification settings and choose the melody.


To install the MP3 file on a call in WiTu phone it is necessary to create in memory of phone the My Documents folder, and in it – "My melodies of a call". After that load any music which want to establish as a call. After that pass into the Start-up menu - "Settings" - "Personal" - "Sounds and notices" - "Notices".


To change the loudness of the colloquial loudspeaker and earphones on the keyboard of phone dial number «#0002*28346#» and pass into the section "Utility of Control of Audio". Pass into "Menu" - "Normal" - "Headset". Change all necessary parameters then click "Menu" - "Apply" to apply all made changes.