How to carry new shoes

How to carry new shoes

Carrying close and narrow footwear gives the mass of an inconvenience and painful feelings. Not to torment itself, healing callosities, favourite shoes can be thrown out and bought simply new, and it is possible to spend a little time for their extension.

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Apply a thick layer of shoe cream on shoes and leave them for 15-20 minutes then pound cream a brush. Put on shoes and resemble in them some hours. Apply cream repeatedly and leave for 12-24 hours. Cream has to approach on color or to be colourless. Instead of shoe cream it is possible to use the children's. This way will approach if the footwear needs to be carried very little.

More radical way — this use of alcohol. Accurately pour alcohol in shoes, put on socks and resemble in footwear until alcohol does not dry. Alcohol it is possible to burn skin of feet therefore process feet fat cream. If you have suede shoes, instead of alcohol use beer. The beer smell can be eliminated, having aired shoes or having filled in them soda for 1-2 hours.

Pour in cellophane packages of water and densely tie them. Enclose packages in footwear, having accurately straightened them. Clean shoes in the freezer. When freezing water extends, and this property will help to stretch your footwear. Such way will not be suitable for varnish shoes as from strong cold the varnish can burst.

It is possible to stretch shoes by means of high temperature. Heat footwear and resemble in it 30-60 minutes. It is possible to heat the hair dryer, steam or having wrapped footwear in the fabric which is previously moistened in boiled water. This method especially well helps to stretch shoes from fabric.