How to prepare language in the swept-away sauce?

How to prepare language in the swept-away sauce?
It is one more of ways of preparation of language. Very tasty and gentle dish turns out. It can be given with boiled potatoes, macaroni, rice or buckwheat.


Language – one piece;
Carrots – one piece;
Flour – one tablespoon;
Onion – three heads;
Sour cream – hundred grams;
Processed cheese – one piece;
Spices, bay leaf, salt.

Preparation process:

It is previously necessary to wash out language, then to lower to add the whole onion together with a peel to the pan filled with water and a head of garlic crude, bay leaf and carrots. To cook to full readiness of language. If to pierce a skewer language and light juice will be emitted, language is ready. It is necessary to remove from boiled language at once a skin, for this purpose to lay out it in rather cold water and to clear of a skin.

To cut boiled language on strips and to fry, add onions. After that to pour water and to extinguish. After that to put sour cream and a flour. Then to put processed cheese and to mix. To cover that cheese could melt.

Bon appetit!