How to prepare summer vegetable stew?

How to prepare summer vegetable stew?
I offer the recipe of useful and nourishing vegetable stew, this time sheep cheese or cheese feta – on a choice is added to vegetables, it is not critical. Ragout in an oven and preparation process not so burdensome prepares.

That is necessary from products

Three eggplants
Three vegetable marrows
Two sweet paprikas
Three tomatoes
One bulb
Five – six potatoes
Olive or vegetable oil (3/4 glasses)
Salt, pepper, seasonings
Cheese feta or sheep cheese – 300 – 400 grams
Parsley bunch, cilantro


Tomatoes to grate or cut segments, to cut all vegetables randomly, but not too small. It is not obligatory to clean eggplants from a thin skin. To lay on a baking sheet with sides or in a form for roasting, generously to water with oil, to strew with pepper, spices and salt. It is desirable to add an oregano, it is very well combined with eggplants and tomatoes. To fill in vegetables with grated tomatoes and to put in an oven on average fire. Minutes through forty to get, strew with small cut greens of parsley, cilantro, to spread out slices of sheep cheese or feta and to put in an oven for twenty minutes.

This dish can be given both hot, and cold. Very well goes to a summer heat cold.