How to bring an order to the house quickly

How to bring an order to the house quickly

Sometimes cleaning should be carried out in emergency conditions – you suddenly learn about unplanned visit or simply there is no time for that detailed and quietly to clean everything. In such situations it is always quite good to have near at hand the universal plan.

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At first rake corners. If on corners you did not spread out different boxes and things do not roll, the room takes at once other form. Begin establishing order with corners – sort blockages and clear them.

Prepare two big bags and sort everything that rolls on a floor, on a table, on a sofa, etc. In one put everything that you want to throw out – unnecessary pieces of paper, candy wrappers from candies and so forth. In other package collect things which need to be placed in places or to clean on cases – now you have no time to be engaged in it. Move away him to the storeroom and do not forget to sort then.

Vacuum the apartment is will not take a lot of time and will allow you to get rid quickly of dust on any surface. If you also sweep, cleaning will be tightened therefore process the vacuum cleaner carpets, linoleum and rugs in a bathroom and a toilet. Wash floors with use of special liquids – they will shine, and it will be evident at once.

You can quickly replace a cloth, spread decorative napkins and put a vase with the flowers on a foreground. Dirty spots on a sofa or chairs can be disguised small small pillows or it is simple to replace a set of covers or covers.

Surely clean bathroom equipment, after all guests for certain will want to wash up hands and to use your bathroom. For some minutes fill in a toilet bowl and sinks with strong means and go to vacuum. After 15-20 minutes you will need only to process a brush and rags of a surface, deleting dirt and to clean a mirror. Hang up couple of fresh towels, check availability of toilet paper and sprinkle the room an air freshener.

Surely air the apartment, having opened all windows for some minutes. If you do not plan to prepare, sprinkle rooms easy, unostentatious spirits.

If you still had time, dust visible parts of furniture, wipe the screen of the TV and all surfaces on which the dust layer can be swept especially up.

Pay attention to – guests will pay attention to your appearance, having stepped over a threshold of your house. Change clothes, tint eyes and lips, brush the hair and go to welcome guests.