How to measure speed

How to measure speed

To find average speed? measure length of a way which passed a body? and time which it moved, and then divide these values. Instantaneous velocity is measured by a speedometer in each timepoint.

It is required to you

roulette or ruler, stop watch.

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Measurement of average speed

To measure the average speed of a body, include a stop watch or hours at the beginning of a way and measure its length, having switched off a stop watch in an extreme point. After that, divide length of a way into time and receive speed. Units of measure will be equal to units in which the distance is measured, divided into time units of measure. For example, meters per second or kilometers per hour.


Measurements of speed of the body falling on an earth surface

For measurement of speed of the body which is freely falling on an earth surface pick up height and such body that it was possible to neglect air resistance. Well the steel or lead weight which is freely falling from height to 10 m will approach. Measure height from which the body falls. Then increase numerical value of height on 19,62, and from the received number take a square root. It will be value of speed of a body when falling from the set height. If the body is in flight, for finding of its current speed take away value of height at which there is a body at present from initial height, also increase on 19,62 and take a square root.


Body speed at the uniformly accelerated movement

If the body moves uniformly accelerated from a condition of rest, measure distance which it passed by means of a roulette or in a different way, and also time in way by means of a stop watch. After that increase distance on 2 and divide into value of time. If the body does not disperse, and brakes, the way is measured from a point of the beginning of braking to a full stop. The formula is applied the same.


Measurement of instantaneous velocity of a body

For measurement of instantaneous velocity of a body the device which the speedometer is called is used and is installed in moving object. For obtaining value it is necessary to look at its scale or an electronic board simply. From the outside instantaneous velocity is measured by a laser radar. For this purpose direct a radar on moving object, and on the screen its speed will be displayed.