How to call a camel

How to call a camel

The camel was cultivated a little thousands years ago and throughout everything it remains to time the true friend and the assistant to the person in the desert. How modern technologies and what was state-of-the-art technology developed, any long transition through sandy open spaces does not do without this surprising animal. Historically so it developed that the camel was read by east people, but then he caused interest and in the European world. How it is possible to call this humpbacked mammals?

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Perhaps, the first that comes to mind to everyone at a choice of a name of a camel is "the desert ship". Thanks to the smooth, sliding gait, this nickname was strongly assigned to this hardy animal. Female camels thus often are associated with "caravels". Arabs can call it "a sacred animal" tens words, however at all very famous everything four: collective designation of a camel - "ибиль", so Arabs call group, herd, a caravan of camels. Each camel it is possible to call "Bair" - such "name" belongs as to female, and to a male.


"Gamal" is already concrete name of a male, and here a female camel call "NAC", but only on reaching 6 years. To this term future wet nurse is named every year differently. So, in 2-3 years she is called "Kunansh", and after pairing with a camel - "Kaymala". "Ingen" is named already given rise female camel. One more name – "Atal" (Charisma) was given to a camel who provided the nomad's life. Helped to transport weights, fed and gave to drink to the owner (camel milk is very much appreciated in the east). For a verblyuzhenka age less than a year the name of "Boat" perfectly will approach. To foals is more senior name "Taylak". But it is options on Arab - "native" language of camels.


If addresses to options of names in other languages, for example, in English the camel is "кэмэл", and in French "шамо". In Kyrgyz it is possible to call a camel so: "Dmelmayan" that means fast and tireless, "Plank beds" - a single-humped camel and "Tyuye" - the general name. One more known name of a camel in narrow circles – "Drill". Now so often call camels in honor of the dead in the war for the owner of a white camel "Drills".


We have in zoos at these animals more prosy names. They are called often by Vasyami, Yashami, Goshami. Female camels prefer to name Marishami. The main thing that the name was pleasant to you and the camel.