How to build the warm house cheap

How to build the warm house cheap

Through the walls the house loses to 40% of heat that leads to much big energy consumption on heating of the dwelling. Warming of walls of the house is the best solution of this problem.

It is required to you

— plates from polyfoam;
— the gluing solution;
— pallet;
— the reinforcing grid from fiber glass;
- decorative plaster;
- plastic expansion bolt shield;
- hammer.

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Calculate the total area of walls which should be warmed. For this purpose measure length of everyone and increase it by height. Put the obtained data for each wall.

Proceeding from the sizes of a penoplastovy plate, count necessary quantity which needs to be got.

Prepare house walls: achieve a strong and equal surface. If somewhere there is an exfoliating plaster, remove it by means of the pallet and close up a hollow filling.

Also make even ledges the pallet to provide the most dense prileganiye of a plate to a wall. Clear walls of dust and dirt.

Process a wall surface a primer to provide the best coupling of solution with a wall. After that make wall filling the special gluing solution.

On the gluing solution paste penoplastovy plates then fix them in addition plastic expansion bolt shields with a wide hat. Metal the expansion bolt shield it is not necessary to use as they possess bigger heat conductivity and significantly reduce the level of thermal insulation of all design.

After that the pasted polyfoam needs to be zashpatlevat, but for a start on it the reinforcing grid from fiber glass as it is rather soft material which is not possessing resistance to influences of environment is imposed. And thin, but strong fiber glass will provide necessary protection, having strengthened a design.

Apply a decorative covering on filling: front paint or decorative plaster.