How to get rid of dampness in the room

How to get rid of dampness in the room

Quite often we face dampness problems in premises. The phenomenon unpleasant - a smell, a cool, a mold on walls and a ceiling. With it it is possible and it is necessary to fight, without postponing "for later", after all dampness threatens our health.

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Find out the dampness emergence reason. The increased humidity of air in premises can arise for many reasons. In low brick buildings dampness gets to the house on walls from the soil, also as the reason course of a roof, malfunction of a waterway can serve. Not quite right behavior of residents concerning economy is the most widespread reason of dampness in apartments. Lack of airing of rooms, couples from cooking, drying of linen in the apartment and many other things leads to troubles with the increased humidity.


Address in municipal services if the wrong construction and a waterproofing of walls is the reason of dampness. In this case the lower part of walls has to be processed cement mortar and improve system of removal of liquid from the base by means of drainage systems and east pipes. Also arrive at course of a roof - repair work completely lies on shoulders of management company.


Take fast and detailed measures, if dampness in the apartment - your fault. Air the apartment at least once in day. Through airing is capable to relieve all for half an hour of the room from surplus of humidity. Correctly heat the apartment. Sometimes in the desire to be warmed we heat one of rooms more strongly than the others. In this case through small cracks in the doorway, in a floor warm air gets into the neighboring cold rooms and being cooled, settles in the form of moisture. As a result there humidity increases, and becomes even colder. Try to maintain uniform temperature on all apartment.


Address to the absorbing mixes for the most difficult cases of dampness in rooms. So, granules of chloride calcium actively absorb moisture. Take 500 g of this substance, distribute in banks on corners of the crude room. The collected couples from air will accumulate in bank, solution is formed over time. In the room there will be much less humidity. From solution it is possible to evaporate water on fire and to reuse powder.


Observe preventive measures of fight against dampness and your apartment will independently cope with surplus of humidity.