How to connect 2 computers on network interface cards

How to connect 2 computers on network interface cards

Most of owners of several computers or laptops prefer to connect these devices in a local network. For creation of the elementary home network it is possible not to use the additional network equipment.

It is required to you

- network cable.

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Turn on both computers. Take in advance prepared network cable. Connect its connectors with network interface cards of computers. Wait for automatic control of a local network on both devices.


To get access to other computer, press at the same time the Start-up and R keys. Enter into the opened window team//the IP address personal computer. If you do not know the IP computer to which it is necessary to be connected, open the list of active networks on this personal computer.


Click with the right button of a mouse a badge of the necessary local network. Select the State item. In the opened menu press the Data button. Find the IP address of this network adapter in a new window.


Not to carry out constantly check of the IP address of the network computer, set for it static (constant) value. For this purpose open the Start-up menu and pass to the Control panel point. Open the Network and Internet menu. Select the "Network and Sharing Center" item. Click the Change of Parameters of the Adapter point.


Now click with the right button of a mouse a badge of the network interface card which is connected to other computer. Select the Properties item. Find in the opened menu and allocate the Protocol of the Internet of TCP/IP (V4) point. Now press the Properties button.


Activate the Use the Following IP Address function, having established a tag near the corresponding point. Enter value of the IP address for this network adapter, for example Press the Tab key for automatic detection of a mask of a subnet.