How to write advertizing

How to write advertizing

Any advertizing material serves a main goal of business - to achieve loyalty of the consumer. From potential clients it is required to make certain actions: to buy goods, to use service, to give preference to the concrete company. The good "selling" text attracts the reader, convinces him of need of purchase and promises the help. To write the working advertizing is the whole art.

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Make the plan of the advertizing text. For this purpose you have to represent accurately target audience and its requirements. So, your task – to sell a certain product:

1) Designate a specific problem (close kitchen, excess weight, failures in a family).
2) Propose the real solution (the built-in equipment, the fitness center, consultation of the family psychologist).
3) Tell about advantages of your goods (service). People have to read about to what they really aspire - you only help them to reach it.

Think over heading. Market researches show that the good name more than for 70% defines advertizing efficiency. It has to capture the offer essence, rivet attention of potential consumers. Find a news occasion; ask the intriguing question; give convincing arguments ("100 reasons for purchase"). Whatever reception of writing of advertizing heading you chose, observe the main principle – he has to remind of the hidden needs of people and promise them the help.

Intrigue, allure buyers. Many make purchases under the influence of emotions – and your narration too has to be emotional, vigorous. Think up fascinating history, an original plot. You have to be sure of quality and uniqueness of a product, are full of enthusiasm it to buy and want to share the mood. Carry on direct dialogue with the reader, use personal pronouns.

Select colourful images. Consumers of advertizing have to draw the bright picture in the imagination, get into the role and feel real advantage of your product. Enter into the text of the word with positive semantics: "exclusive", "revolutionary", "improbable" and similar. Special ability of the advertisement maker – possession of dialogue in the context of the selling text (conversation with the regular customer, the expert, the potential client).

Write the plain, evident text. To avoid monotony of a narration, do short paragraphs; use a framework and markers; "play" a hand-written and multi-colored font. Present that you talk to the buyer behind a counter of shop – accurately, simply, without double interpretation and inappropriate jokes. Quote positive responses of experts is "will recover" advertizing, will make it more convincing.

Be not limited to emotions - be concrete. From your advertizing readers wait for details, a maximum of information on the solution of their problem. Competently describe advantages of a product, all possible details, specify the prices, terms, age of buyers, etc. In business of trifles does not happen – perhaps, the design of the button of the vacuum cleaner or a cup of free coffee in a hairdressing salon will become fundamental criterion of a choice.

Provide potential clients with solid guarantees to all the goods or services. Readers have to trust in you and know, what risk not nothing (modern materials, certification, number of the license, service). At desire they can make "backing" (to return or exchange goods, to refuse service during certain time). Important words in successful advertizing – "economy", "free of charge", "sale", "bonuses", "discounts", "gifts". Find mutually favorable conditions for the supplier and the seller.

Specify all coordinates of the trading company (phone, the telefax, e-mail, the site, the address). If necessary print the form of the order and provide fast delivery of goods to the house. To receive a fast response of the potential client, your task - as much as possible to simplify his access to a desired product.

Put the ready text aside and study it every other day – but not as the writer, and as the potential consumer any more. Whether you wanted to make purchase? Read advertizing to the child of years of 12 – whether he understood everything? Give it to several people with a certain problem (a backbone pains, dandruff, the inconvenient apartment). Whether they became interested in your offer (services of the neurologist, new shampoo, the design organization)? Only having convinced of advertizing efficiency, you can consider the work finished.