How to adjust gps in communicators

How to adjust gps in communicators

In the future with development of information technologies it will be almost impossible to meet at the passerby in hands the ordinary mobile phone. Communicators and smartphones enjoy the increasing popularity now. It, in principle, and clearly, after all they give much more opportunities for work and business, sometimes even replacing with themselves the stationary personal computer.

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In such "clever" phones there is practically everything: operating system, antivirus, office applications, video and audio players, games, navigation, etc. To you the complete set of all necessary services, and everything falls into hands that it is necessary – to understand as to use them.
One of appendices most popular today – GPS which control is carried out especially. Naturally, the first that you need to make – to buy a communicator or the smartphone with existence of this function. Further – it is simpler. Download the special program for a PDA allowing to process GPS a signal. Today such programs an uncountable set, the main thing, pick up a suitable copy for your device.


Further come into setting up this appendix and enter all data specified in the instruction to it. If everything is made correctly, the program has to work. However very often with it there can be problems, then you should execute some more simple actions.


To eliminate this malfunction, specify in application controls parameters virtual SOM port, the used program for connection to the GPS receiver. Problems with connection can arise in case the program of navigation on your communicator does not distinguish and does not define the GPS receiver, even when it is built in the mobile device. It is connected with that the standard GPS settings are specified incorrectly.


To define SOM port and its speed directly for your PDA, install the GPSinfo program which has to be supplied on disk in a device complete set. Having installed the program, scan all ports and define on what of them GPS is placed. Take data of this port and use them for the subsequent control.


By means of the same program test connection with the receiver to be convinced that everything works correctly. For this purpose press the Start GPS button, and you will see that the program outputs the data obtained from satellites.


After final control switch off the GPSinfo program as it will not allow navigation to use the occupied port.