Without what it is impossible to imagine New Year?

Without what it is impossible to imagine New Year?
For long-term history of celebration of New Year in our country there were certain traditions, without which and New year not New Year, and a holiday not a holiday, and fun not fun.

FATHER FROST AND SNOW MAIDEN. Unless it is possible to meet New Year if nearby there is no Father Frost and his invariable companion Snegurochka? In Russia of "the winter grandfather" after which walks there came bitter colds, called Moroz, Morozk and even Students. Since 1998 the Russian Father Frost received an official registration in Velikiy Ustyug.

GIFTS. The tradition to hand to children gifts for New Year for the first time appeared in Germany, however, the German children find them in the socks suspended at a fireplace. This tradition in our country did not get accustomed – instead of socks and panty hoses gifts can be found under a fir-tree.

FIR-TREE. By the way, the tradition to decorate a Christmas tree appeared in Russia in 1700 – besides, under the influence of tireless Peter I. Before in Russia the fir-tree was considered as "a death tree" because covered with its branches a final journey to a cemetery.

CHRISTMAS-TREE DECORATIONS AND NEW YEAR'S CARDS. The first to decorate a Christmas fir-tree residents of Germany guessed. Initially this tradition made sacral sense as jewelry had to frighten off evil ghosts.

CHAMPAGNE, RUSSIAN SALAD. Any New Year's celebration does not do without the sparkling drink and traditional salad created by the cook Lucian Olivier in the XIX century.

TWIST OF FATE OR HAPPY BATHING! Here 37 years on the eve of New Year to screens of the majority of TV channels of the country there is a movie in which songs about the aunt and the phrase about a jellied fish sound. Not surprisingly, what exactly he became a symbol and invariable attribute of New Year's holidays.