How quickly to gain the weight and muscle bulk

How quickly to gain the weight and muscle bulk

Quickly to gain the weight and muscle bulk, it is necessary to carry out three rules. Strenuously to eat, intensively to play sports and it is correct to have a rest. If you do not begin to observe them, the set of body weight will slowly go.

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Enter the products rich with protein into a diet. It is firm cheese, low-fat meat, cottage cheese, eggs, mushrooms, nuts. These products have to become addition to your usual diet. It is better to eat often and small portions. Meals has to be not less than 5, and it is better 7-8. Eat fats vegetable, but not animals. They are easier acquired by an organism. Try not to use the products rich with simple carbohydrates. They can slow down a body weight set.

Daily you have to receive for 10-15% of calories more, than spend. Otherwise muscles simply will have no place to undertake. Such calculation needs to be carried out very precisely. Count quantity of the consumed calories according to Maffin-Dzheora's scheme. And precisely count, how many and that you ate in a day.

Regularly use vitamins. Even without sport people most often do not receive all useful substances which are necessary for an organism. And regular physical activities accelerate a metabolism therefore the organism needs also the strengthened dose of vitamins.


Play sports 3 times a week. Trainings have to be intensive, but not really long. Optimum time of one occupation – an hour and a half. It has to include 10-15 minutes of occupations on cardiovascular machines. Muscles have to receive the maximum loading therefore surely use dumbbells and bars. The more weight, the better. You should not do a set of approaches with a small weight. It is better to execute exercise of 6-8 times, but to use the maximum weighting compounds which you will be able to lift for occupations.

Refuse occupations on exercise machines, they only grind a body, without helping to increase muscle bulk. Carry out exercises with a weight in which there are no restrictions on the movement. Surely do general exercises which will give load at once of some groups of muscles. Occupations have to include knee-bends, a press lying, stanovy draft.

Between trainings you have to have a rest. And it means, almost completely to refuse any physical activities. You have to sleep daily not less than 8 hours that the organism could gain muscle bulk quicker.

Take 3 liters of milk, add 2 glasses of powdered milk and 40 grams of a protein. For taste it is possible to add cocoa or ice cream. All ingredients need to be mixed in the blender. Drink the received cocktail between meals. Surely drink on a glass before training and after classes. It is necessary to store mix in the refrigerator.