How to issue paid number

How to issue paid number

Payment of service by means of the SMS or a call on short number – excellent service for those who advances the business on the Internet. Simplicity and availability to each visitor of your resource only add advantages to such way of calculation. However not all businessmen give preference to SMS billing. The reason for that – low liquidity. Mobile operators and owners of billings take big percent for the services. To establish the script allowing to pay services by means of the SMS on the site it is enough to address in one of the similar companies.

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Choose the company providing services of SMS billing. Today in the territory of Russia of similar firms is about 20. Each of them differs in the service level, geographical coverage of an area of coverage, the size of the commission and other additional functions.

Sign the contract with the company, having chosen an optimum tariff. Certain short number with a prefix will be assigned to you. Firms of SMS billing are not engaged in registration of separate number, they only select suitable option from what are assigned to them. And for identification they add a prefix. For example, that payment came to you, you have to publish the following message on the website: "Send SMS to short number with the text: "the prefix assigned to your kompaniyey_tekst of the message"".

Monthly pay a monthly fee for use of short number.

If you want to connect number of a look "8-800", address directly to the company of mobile communication better: MTS, Beeline, Megafon, etc. Having signed the contract with one of them, you get a number which can be both paid, and free.

Submit the application for obtaining number of a look "8-800", for example, on the site of the mobile operator Beeline. Visit the official site - Select the tab – "A stationary telephony" - "Providing numbers" - Numbers "8-800". Press the Order button. Fill the presented form, having specified all necessary data on themselves and that company which you represent. Press the Issue the Demand button. Wait for a call from the manager who will explain you the plan of further actions.

It is similarly possible to issue the demand and at other mobile operators. And after you receive all offers, choose what as much as possible corresponds to your budget.