How tasty to prepare cottage cheese

How tasty to prepare cottage cheese
How tasty to prepare cottage cheese

House cottage cheese – a tasty and useful dish for baby and dietary food. You can vary fat content of a product, prepare on its basis the most different dishes – from festive Easter to cheesecakes, pies and baked puddings. Process of preparation of cottage cheese can seem labor-consuming, however the result will surely please you.

The preparation time of 30 minutes is required to you 2 liters of fresh milk; 2 tablespoons of kefir; gauze. The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How Tasty to Prepare Cottage Cheese" Kak to prepare baked pudding from a persimmon and cottage cheese Kak to prepare an omelet for the one-year-old child Kak to prepare tasty cottage cheese casserole


Tasty cottage cheese has to be gentle, not overdried, granular, without excess sourness. For achievement of the necessary quality use only qualitative and fresh products. From the perekisshy milk forgotten in the refrigerator, good cottage cheese will not turn out.

Pour out milk in a high pan. It is best of all to use capacity from stainless steel, fire-resistant glass or ceramics. In the enameled pan milk quickly will burn and cottage cheese will gain unpleasant smack.

The following stage – a skvashivaniye. Cover a pan and leave it in heat for days. For acceleration of process it is possible to add couple of spoons of kefir to milk. As a result dense curdled milk – excellent preparation for future cottage cheese will turn out. In the course of a skvashivaniye of milk do not mix pan contents.

Include a plate and put on it capacity with curdled milk. Heat a pan on weak fire to emergence of small bubbles. Do not allow boiling is will hopelessly spoil cottage cheese.

The pan became hotter, and on edge of curdled milk small bubbles were formed? Switch off fire and leave cottage cheese for maturing at some o'clock. Allow it to cool down completely. It is possible to leave mix in a pan on all night long – to quality of future product it will not damage.

Put a piece of a gauze in a colander and cast away on it cottage cheese, having substituted a pure pan or a bowl down. In it the preparation by-product – whey will flow down. Do not pour out it – on the basis of serum it is possible to do tasty pancakes or air yeast dough.

Tie cottage cheese in a gauze and suspend it over a sink. Serum has to flow down completely – on it about an hour will leave. Too long you should not keep a product in a gauze – it will become too dry.

Exempt a ready-made product from a gauze, having laid out it in a bowl. Cottage cheese can be used at once after preparation – give it with sugar, sour cream, water with jam, honey or decorate with fresh berries. If longer storage is necessary, cover capacity with cottage cheese and clean it in the refrigerator.