How to prepare cookies with raisin, sesame and chocolate?

How to prepare cookies with raisin, sesame and chocolate?
Cookies – the real antidepressant! Soft, with raisin cookies core, sweet, the crisp which is tasting like halvah, and chocolate glaze, but not from above, and from below. Generally – all products for a mood raising.

Dough requires 200 grams of cream, 100 grams of sugar, 3 eggs, a bag of vanilla sugar, 250 grams of a flour, a baking powder bag (15 grams), 50 grams of sunflower sunflower seeds and 100 grams of raisin.
For cookies top: on 75 grams of sugar and oil, three tablespoons of cream, 50 grams of honey, on 100 grams of sunflower sunflower seeds and sesame.
For glaze: 200 grams of chocolate.

It is good to shake up cream, sugar, eggs and vanilla sugar the mixer. To add the flour sifted with a baking powder and it is once again good to shake up. To put raisin and sunflower seeds of sunflower in dough, to mix.
To lay a baking sheet baking paper, to pour out dough, to level and put in the warmed oven. To bake at a temperature of 200 degrees of 10 minutes to an easy podrumyanivaniye.
To mix sugar, oil, honey and cream in a kastryulka. To warm up before dissolution of sugar and oil, to add sunflower seeds of sesame and sunflower, to bring weight to boiling. To lay out on top of semi-ready cookies and again to put in an oven. To bake 15 minutes on average fire.
The cake layer for cookies should not cool down, mix with sesame and sunflower seeds prepares so far the cake layer is concerned, then is smeared on hot and again goes to an oven.
Ready cake layer to cool, cut on rectangles. To kindle chocolate on a water bath, to grease a bottom of cookies and to lay out on plates a bottom up that sesame turned out from below, and chocolate glaze – from above. When cools down – to turn.