How to prepare crude dough

How to prepare crude dough
How to prepare crude dough

Recipes of preparation of dough much. It is possible to prepare yeast or bezdrozhzhevy dough for pies and pies. Other types of dough are good for preparation of vareniki, pizza, a khachapuri, pies and cookies.

The preparation time of 22 minutes is required to you For yeast dough: 1 Art. of milk of 500 g of a baking flour of 5 tbsps of vegetable oil of 2 eggs dry yeast of 1 tbsp of sugar salt pinch. For bezdrozhzhevy dough: 3 Art. of a flour of 100 g of butter or margarine of 250 ml of kefir of 0,5 tsps of salt 1ch.l. baking powder or baking powder. For dumplings dough: 3 Art. of a flour 1 egg 2/3 of the Art. of water of 0,5 tsps of salt. For the test of pizza: 2ch.l. dry yeast (yeast saf - levyur) 350-400g torments (on 175-200 g of a flour white wheat and durum well will approach) 250 ml of warm water of 1 tbsp of olive oil 1 pinch of salt. For shortcake dough: 3 Art. of a flour of 3 eggs of 400 g of butter or margarine 2/3 of the Art. of sugar soda on a tip of a knife of 1 tsp of lemon juice. The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Prepare Crude Dough" How to prepare dough for pie How to prepare donuts without yeast How to make pies with cabbage



Make yeast dough on a support. To prepare a support, mix in a big bowl 0,5 of the Art. of milk, 0,5 Art. of the flour sifted through a sieve, 0,5 tbsps of sugar and yeast. Carefully pound mix and put in a warm place for hour Opara has to increase twice.

Warm up the remained 0,5 Art. of milk on average fire a little, add oil and salt. Shake up everything a nimbus and pour in a support.

Take eggs and separate the yolks from the whites. Pound yolks with the remained sugar, beat whites before formation of magnificent foam. Add everything to dough. There sift the remained flour, mix everything.

Lay out dough on the table powdered with a flour and knead, periodically powdering with a flour until dough ceases to stick, minutes 15-20.

Cover dough with food wrap and clean in a warm place for 2 hours. The volume of dough has to increase twice.

Before getting to work with dough, press down it.


Prepare bezdrozhzhevy dough. It turns out not such magnificent as barmy, but prepares easier below on caloric content. Crush a flour with oil or margarine (it is better in the food processor). Pour in kefir, add salt, a baking powder or baking powder and knead elastic soft dough. Roll dough in a sphere and put for an hour per the refrigerator.


Make dough for pelmeni or vareniki. For this purpose sift a flour on a table a hill, make deepening in its top. Hammer egg there, pour in warm water, add salt and knead abrupt dough. Cover dough with a napkin and let's it stand 40 minutes.


Prepare dough for pizza. To prepare classical dough, you will need 2 types of a flour – usual white wheat and durum. So the flour of the second grade from firm grades of wheat, GOST 16439-70 is called.

Mix both types of a flour, a vsypta mix in a bowl a hill and make deepening in the middle.

Fill in yeast with warm water from lump, about 25 ml. Let's them approach and pour out in deepening.
Pour in the remained water there, put olive oil, add salt.

Knead dough hands. Lay out it on the table strewed with a flour and knead about five minutes. Then put it back in a bowl, cover with a towel and let's stand 30 minutes. Dough has to rise twice.


Make one more of main types of dough – sweet sand.

For this purpose soften oil or margarine, grind with eggs and sugar. Vsypte the flour mixed with extinguished lemon juice soda and salt. Knead dough and put it for 1-2 hours per the refrigerator.