How quickly to become pregnant

How quickly to become pregnant
At some point lives we feel strong desire to become parents. At some it occurs right after a wedding, there are also what plan a reproduction for a certain period of life. Both that, and another want to conceive the child quicker - well not from the first, so from the second time. For you Mirsovetov tells how to become pregnant quickly.
I think that this article will be mainly read by women. But, nevertheless, in the course of origin of new life two persons – the man and the woman therefore and that is called both need to try participate. Also who does not know even more …
At once I will specify that probability quickly to become pregnant at healthy couples much above, than at couples with poor health. Therefore will be not excess both future parents to make some tests. Which, your gynecologist will define.
When I planned pregnancy, my doctor advised to make such tests – blood on HIV and syphilis, the analysis on an infection, sexually transmitted and ultrasonography of bodies of a small pelvis (ultrasonography by the vaginal sensor is better). Fortunately, it became clear that I had no deviations, and we with the husband with quiet soul started process. As you can see, the first step to fast conception is check of a state of health of future parents. An ovulation and qualitative sperm – everything that is necessary! Yes! Quite so doctors claim. From future mother, besides a healthy organism, it is required also ability accurately to define day of an ovulation. At women with a regular menstrual cycle to define an ovulation very simply. For this purpose from duration of your cycle take away 14 days (for example, 30-14=16). That's it in the 16th day of a cycle (consider from the first day of periods) most likely there will be a conception. But you should not wait for this day! Considering that the spermatozoon can live till 5 days after sexual intercourse, make attempts it is necessary to begin in 6 days prior to and to continue 5 days after an ovulation. Well, and if you have an irregular cycle, you, of course, can make the schedule of bazalny temperature (without getting out of a bed every morning) and to calculate day to H. A can buy in a drugstore test determinant of an ovulation and not suffer.
And here the father has to provide qualitative sperm for process. What for this purpose it is necessary to do? It is proved that sperm of the man is updated each 2 months. Thus, Mirsovetov recommends to the future all these 2 months to lead the father a healthy lifestyle: to refuse addictions, not to take alcoholic beverages, properly to eat and make daily foot walks together with future mummy. And still it should not carry close linen and to accept hot bathtubs.
But, there is more to come. It appears, quality of sperm directly depends on the frequency of sexual intercourses. English scientists found out that daily sex improves quality of sperm that guarantees conception of the healthy kid. But, on the other hand, frequent ejaculations reduce amount of semen that reduces probability of conception a little. So to do? Scientists recommend to make love time in two-three days, but not to abstain for weeks as was considered earlier. That is necessary and it is not necessary to do to become pregnant quickly Besides the aforesaid, there are still some factors influencing ability to conception. So, what to do quickly to become pregnant. Conception time. It is considered that it is easiest to become pregnant at the end of fall or at the beginning of spring. In the fall the human body is at peak of health thanks to the vegetables and fruit, the summer sun and rest eaten in the summer. And the spring – time of awakening of new life, means and it is a high time for origin of the baby. And still, the best time of day for conception is morning so have sex in the mornings! Ideal weight. Dear future mummies, forget about diets – you still will manage to stay the beautiful. Now you have extremely important task – to conceive and take out the child. Therefore for few months before the planned conception settle the weight. Too thin or too magnificent women can have problems with conception. And this rule concerns also men. At them at weight loss or a set of weight less spermatozoa are developed. Strong physical activities too will negatively affect quality of sperm. Is not present to addictions. It, of course, smoking and use of alcoholic beverages. At the smoking women chances to become pregnant decrease by 30%. And at the smoking men sperm is "weaker". Even coffee rather caffeine negatively influences conception so get rid and of this habit. Though it is possible to pass to coffee without caffeine in advance. Men have to stop in good time reception of steroids that the organism got used to lack of these hormones. Balanced food. It is known that for pregnant women there is a special diet. And after all for the planning couples too there are rules, and for men and for women the different. Mirsovetov advises future mothers to lean on the greens and sheet vegetables, porridges and bread rich with folic acid, after all it is very important vitamin. Women who have problems with an ovulation, need daily to eat meat and bean and other ferriferous products. Well, and dairy products, of course, calcium is useful to you and in the subsequent. Feed the husbands with fish, nuts and meat. These products increase mobility of spermatozoa. Well, and the general recommendation – clean from a diet sweet and flour.
Forget about fast food! Hot dogs and hamburgers you not only ruin the stomach, but also deliver in an organism preservatives, dyes and even carcinogens (especially the products prepared on vegetable oil – French fries, belyash). Neither to you, nor future child such "set" to anything! "Correct" pose. So-called word "correct" not for nothing. Nobody guarantees that in a certain pose you in 100% of cases will be able to become pregnant. However, experts recommend a traditional missionary pose. When the woman lies on a back with the raised hips, sperm moves as fast as possible. Women with a uterus bend will suit a pose at which the partner is behind better.
After completion of sexual intercourse you should not jump and run on the affairs. Put a small pillow under hips and have a rest minutes ten. It is possible to stand on shovels, as at school on physical culture. I remember how my husband when saw me in a birch pose … laughed but at us everything turned out from the first! And still. Refuse oral sex, after all the saliva negatively influences quality of sperm. I believe, this recommendation will be not to liking to future fathers, but nobody asks such victims forever. Suffer few weeks! Any drugs and chemistry! Refuse all drugs, especially antibiotics. All know that the advantage of drugs is, but also harm too. Therefore keep health at least in anticipation of conception. By the way, household chemicals too negatively influence health. Nobody speaks about starting washing the dishes soda, but it is worth refusing intimate cosmetics. Try not to be in rooms where there are vapors of paints, varnishes and other toxic substances. Some experts even recommend to liquidate a filler for cat's pots. Ask a cat to resemble a little in a sand.
Do not use any greasings! They create the Wednesday which is harmful influencing spermatozoa. If not to do without greasing, use egg white – naturally and safely! Any stresses. It is proved that there is a direct dependence between a mental condition of the woman and probability to become pregnant. Therefore tell "no" to stresses, experiences and even to negative thoughts. Define a way of a relax which will suit you. Much are helped by an outdoor recreation, bathtubs with foam or an aromatherapy. By means of the last it is possible even to correct a menstrual cycle.
I work in establishment where without stresses does not pass day. But, when started thinking of the child, gave itself installation – let though the whole world falls, me all the same! In my world it has to be quiet and cozy. And me, surprisingly easily it was succeeded to resist to stresses. In addition nearly an every day after work I took a bath with fragrant foam of a lavender. And on days off we surely left on the nature. The benefit the fall was strange, and there was an opportunity to go to the wood on mushrooms, to fry a shish kebab and to luxuriate in a chaise lounge. Will not believe, such simple actions really created the special unique world in which there was a place only for me, the husband and our long-awaited peanut. And all the rest even seriously was not perceived. That's all the main councils for persons interested quickly to become pregnant. Though is not present, not all. Represent the kid more often, talk to him, sincerely wait for him emergence. After all not for nothing the ancient spoke "be afraid of the desires". And you be not afraid, and dream and everything at you surely will turn out! infertility, quickly to become pregnant, female problems, female infertility, to become pregnant