How to mix music

How to mix music

Capacities of modern personal computers and technology of processing of multimedia data allow anyone to satisfy the needs for creativity fully. So, almost or at all without having special skills, having established the corresponding software, it is possible to be engaged sound or video-tape editing of the house. For example, it is possible to feel as the sound producer if it is simple to mix music in the sound editor.

It is required to you

- sound Sound Forge Pro editor.

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Open the files containing the mixed music in the Sound Forge editor. For this purpose consistently click on the File and Open points in the main menu or use keyboard reductions of Ctrl+Alt+F2 or Ctrl+O. In the dialogue displayed behind that pass to the catalog in which one of the opened files is stored, choose it in the list and press the Open button. Wait for the end of loading of data. Do similar actions in relation to other file.

Allocate contents or a fragment of contents of one of open musical files. This fragment will be mixed with other music. If it is necessary to allocate all record, simply press Ctrl+5 or select the Edit and Select All items in the menu. If it is necessary to allocate a fragment, do the following actions.

Switch in the necessary window of the document Sound Forge. Change the scale of display of the histogram of level of a sound so that to have opportunity conveniently to mark record fragments. For this purpose press the buttons + and - which are located to the left of the lower strip of scrolling.

Listen to record, having included reproduction by means of the Play Normal button. Remember an approximate place of the beginning and the termination of the necessary fragment of music on the histogram. Stop listening by the Stop button or a key of a gap.

Allocate with a mouse the necessary fragment of the histogram. Correct allocation area, listening to its contents by means of the Play Normal button and using points of the section Edit-> Selection of the main menu.

Place the allocated musical fragment in a clipboard. Select the Edit and Copy item in the main menu or use a keyboard accelerator of Ctrl+C.

Choose a position of the beginning of mixing in the target musical file. Switch in other window of the document Sound Forge. Choose the acceptable scale of display of the histogram of level of a sound. Listen to file contents by means of the Play Normal button. Interrupt listening in a place since which it is necessary to impose other music.

Mix music. Press Ctrl+M or use points of the Edit menu-> Paste-> Special-> "Mix".... Dialogue of Mix/Replace will be displayed. Choose in it the preferred mixing parameters. Press the OK button.

Keep result of mixing in the file. Select in the menu the File items and "Save As...". If necessary choose a format of preservation and extent of compression of a sound. Set a file name. Press the Keep button.