How to sell painting

How to sell painting

Any artist dreams of that his creations gained recognition. One of forms of such recognition – purchase of a picture. It not only opportunity to earn, but also strong incentive for further creativity. How to make so that your pictures were on sale regularly, and the income from them became stable?

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The most important question for the artist – to whom to offer the creations? It is worth beginning with specialized galleries. Your picture can be placed in a constant exposition or include in a thematic exhibition. Stipulate sale terms with representatives of gallery. Sometimes the artist needs to pay for an exposition before an exhibition, in other cases the percent of gallery is subtracted from the sum realized for a picture.

Interesting and perspective option of realization – to expose pictures in a coffee house, bar or other institution of a public catering. For this purpose it is necessary to agree with the manager personally. Percent for sale and other conditions too are discussed individually. The institution can simply hang up your cloths on walls, and can arrange full-fledged presentation with information booklets, cocktails and the invitation of the press.

One more non-standard option – to discuss possible cooperation with the companies which are engaged in interior design. Painting becomes fashionable today and if your picture is successfully entered in the corresponding interior, the potential client with pleasure will pay all this.

And, at last, a personal selling on the Internet. Create own site, be registered on popular social networks and at thematic forums. Such approach is convenient existence of feedback – you will be able to learn, what price potential buyers are ready to pay for pictures, what plots and technology of painting them interest. Besides, sale without intermediaries is more favorable to the artist.

What way of realization you would not choose, surely consider some important points. Do not expose a cloth one by one – before create a distinct thematic collection. The buyer has to have possibility of a choice. Besides, he can want to get at once two or three pictures executed in similar equipment.

Print booklets with the image of the pictures. Do not save on polygraphy – except bright qualitative booklets leaflets, cards, posters – all that will be capable to present your creativity properly can be necessary for you.

Determine the cost of the works. Consider that most of the beginning painters are inclined to overstate the prices. It is not necessary to try to pay back sale of one cloth the whole year of creative stagnation. Your creations stand exactly so much, how many for them are ready to pay. Become the popular artist – then the prices of your pictures will grow automatically.