As manipulate buyers in supermarkets

As manipulate buyers in supermarkets
After the unlucky working day, with thoughts of a tasty dinner, we come into the next supermarket, we take the cart and, enjoying pleasant music, we go between ranks of delicacies … Situation familiar to everyone. Supermarkets gradually force out usual grocery shops and even the markets. They differ in the wide range, the pleasant atmosphere, good service. Therefore and not only therefore, we give preference to shopping in a supermarket. But there is also other party of a medal. Besides the called pluses, supermarkets have also minuses. About them the speech in this article will also go. Manipulations with goods 1. Date of production
For anybody not a secret that on shelves in supermarkets it is possible to meet expired products. By rules, all goods expired should not be present at a trading floor. But it is the theory. I paid attention more than once as cleverly place goods employees of shop. Old, stale goods, the seller put forward on the region of the shelf, and fresh – hides deep into.
Logic of manipulation the is as follows: client will not complicate herself and to climb deep into regiments, it is simpler to it to take the product lying I will hide. By the way, only the few buyers pay attention to an expiration date of pokumayemy goods. On such all this is also calculated.
Council from Mirsovetov: be more attentive and be not afraid to lose excess five minutes of time – look at date of production of products. 2. Quality of goods
From personal experience I want to tell that it is necessary to be very accurate upon purchase of the meat and fish products which are on sale in vacuum packings.
You should not trust date on a label, after all it it is dated packagings, but not production. Besides it is possible to repack such goods not once. Under cellophane stale fish with a musty smell most often will be found or sticky sausage – you a smell through packing do not hear that. Even if you will find such "surprise" of the house, take the check and hurry back in shop. In the presence of the check to you are obliged either to exchange goods, or to return money.
Council from Mirsovetov: do not buy the products packaged in cellophane because for certain it is impossible to define quality of such production better. The same fish or sausage it is possible to buy by weight, having visually estimated its quality, or even having smelled a product – do not hesitate of it.
One my acquaintance the seller told that the impaired a little smoked sausage needs to be greased only with a liquid smoke and it again will become beautiful and fragrant. And such cunnings in an arsenal of sellers a set!
Acetone erases dates of production on molochy products in packages; biscuit is packed into beautiful penoplastovy baskets, to probe through which goods it is impossible; from boxes with overdue pies labels and many other things are extended. To think only what hunting goes on money of inattentive buyers.
Council from Mirsovetov: avoid "deceptive" packings! Well examine goods before putting it in a basket. Also do not risk health – refuse purchase of goods on which it is indistinct or there is no date of production/storage. 3. The double label Often faced "a double label". On the salami sausage (packed, by the way, into vacuum) under a label of a supermarket the label of the producer, on which and date of production an akhta, and weight is found less. It turns out that perevzvesila sausage in shop, and I besides purchase of stale goods, pay for packing, and at quite high price of sausage!
By the way, by means of labels both damages to packing and various defects of goods successfully mask. Council from Mirsovetov: the surplus of labels has to guard you. In that case ask to develop for you goods (if it not the product, the seller easily helps you) and be convinced of his integrity. And easy to check existence of a "double" label – a perevzvesta a product on control scales and if there is a difference in weight, the label on goods not the first means. 4. Attention, weather-cloth! It appears, in supermarkets the weather-cloth too is used. And it is very widely used. Simply for interest, ask to perevzvesit on control scales of candy, packaged in cellophane kulechka. The weather-cloth will make about 30-50 grams. Do the same with the packed-up tangerines or apples. The result is similar! Simply fruit quickly loses moisture and dries out, and their weight every day is lost.
The fish who is beautifully spread out on ice appears is frozen on special technology at which absorbs in itself to 10% of moisture. "The tightened-up scales" in spite of the fact that they electronic, are perceived as the self-evident phenomenon.
Council from Mirsovetov: without options – control weighing! And if indicators differ – insist on purchase of goods at "the control price". In case of refusal, demand the administrator of the hall and believe, it will precisely resolve the conflict in your advantage. 5. Cookery
Wash to you council, do not buy salads, forcemeat and other ready-made products in supermarkets. It all is made of expired products. Often marinated chicken is stale ham, generously flavored with spices, and forcemeat – mix from scraps of the meat which lost a trade dress in salads put in general god knows that, after all with mayonnaise it is possible to eat also a sole! Be not too lazy, prepare all this – health more important!

6. Tempting actions
It is separate history. Various sales and actions simply a trap for absent-minded buyers! Buying two goods at the smaller price, you a little that win, and here the supermarket increases a turn of sales. At reduced prices usually sell stale or overdue goods.
The beautiful girls on an entrance promising you one chocolate as a gift upon purchase of a pack, or kilogram of oranges upon purchase of two bottles of vodka – too the thought-over course! In passion you simply do not notice that the price of the promised "gift" is already included in the price of the goods bought by you. Finally I was disappointed in actions of supermarkets when upon purchase of two bottles of champagne received as a gift by New year a garland which was not even lit...
Council from Mirsovetov: think three times before coveting "freebie"! 7. Cunning checks
Never forget to take the check! It is very important document for the buyer. At its existence you will exchange low-quality goods, and only by the check can check correctness of calculations of the cashier. I do not argue, the electronic cash register is mistaken seldom that you will not tell about the cashier. Nastorozhtes if the cashier brings a product code in the computer manually, she can easily punch goods of the same brand but more expensive. It is almost impossible to notice such substitution at a large number of purchases.
Widespread "deception" is discrepancy of price tags of goods in a trading floor to their real price. And on all your claims, the cashier will answer that price tags simply did not manage to replace. But it not your problems, are obliged to sell you goods at the price specified on the price tag. And still, attentively read the name of goods on the price tag, sometimes they are confused specially, urging forward you to purchase by low price. Often I see as under expensive German the price tag of cheap domestic beer hangs. And if you hurry and you look only at the price, you do not notice it.
Council from Mirsovetov: do not hurry, attentively read the text on price tags and surely look through the check. It is easiest to go shopping with the calculator (especially as it is in each mobile phone). Independently summarizing the prices, you will easily notice deception. Subtleties of increase in commodity turnover Never paid attention how invitingly smells as fresh bread in shop? Or how cheese on a show-window seductively looks? And you, for some reason, having come behind a milk pack, acquire the mass of other goods. It appears there is the whole science which promotes a commodity turnover uvelichniya. I will tell you some tricks.
When planning shop, first of all the correct placement of its departments is thought over.
It is proved that the first minutes, that is right after an entrance to a supermarket, the person is most of all inclined to shopping. Therefore, the most expensive goods, are placed at an entrance. And, grain products, dairy products and other essentials are almost near cash desk. It is calculated that so far the buyer will reach a long loaf necessary to it or kefir, he will be tempted on a lot of things from this that so is invitingly placed on regiments.
It is noticed that women are inclined to make the impulsive, not planned purchases therefore lovely ladies before a campaign in a supermarket make the list of purchases in advance and accurately follow it. And never take the cart if came only over a cup of tea and oil. Psychology of the person such is that looking in the big cart in which only the tea pack lonely lies, the buyer poshchushchat almost physical requirement to buy something else. From here mass of unnecessary purchases.
Do not take in a supermarket of children. At the child from the variety presented there eyes simply will run up and he will start or begging plaintively, or feverishly to put bars, chocolate eggs, toys in the cart. Special danger is represented by the stand at cash desk where actually at the level of children's eyes so much all tasty is located! My one-year-old kid, and that will surely take something from bright sweets what already to speak about the ten-year-old child. At the level of the adult's eyes at such stand the mass of attractive "trifles" on which during standing at cash desk it is easy to be tempted lies too. By the way, on average shelves the most expensive goods as usually buyers prefer not to bend down behind goods down are spread out or to climb on the top shelf. They say that many trademarks are bought simply by these "VIP" of a place for the goods.
It is possible to carry to tricks also a cozy cafe where it is possible to drink coffee with smart cakes (obviously not planned article of expenses) and the special illumination of some show-windows giving to goods an attractive look and the lovely music in a hall creating the atmosphere which there is no wish to leave. Govoryat, even the smell of fresh pastries is started specially in ventilation "to inflame" consumer ability at hungry clients.

Of course, all subtleties to us, simple inhabitants not to learn, but it is necessary to be more vigilant! And attentively it is worth approaching a choice of goods not only in supermarkets, but also in usual shops, in the markets. Care of the health – buy only qualitative and fresh production. I hope our councils to you will help with it. quality of products, shop, fraud, purchases, supermarket, shopping