How to organize small production

How to organize small production

Opening of own business demands performance of several preliminary steps for various purposes. At the beginning of a way any business is capable to bring problems and failures, however with well made plan it is possible to overcome any obstacles easily.

It is required to you

- business plan;
- license;
- insurance;
- computer;
- room;
- furniture for office.

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Investigate a type of business which interests you. Talk to experts for receiving council for certain services or products. By means of your mentors create the business plan. Define a place for wholesale or retail trade. As the option at the initial stage will approach office room. Obtain the license for conducting business activity.


Make an appointment with investors and representatives of banks for receiving financing. Talk to the lawyer and conclude the arrangement on the property right as the uniform owner or the enterprise with limited liability. Be careful - do not spend too large number of money at the beginning of business creation as the capital still is required for payment of rent, acquisition of goods and hiring of employees.


Prepare necessary space for work, get office tables, some computers and spacious cases. Order only that business furniture which is necessary for your activity. Organize a place for negotiating with future clients or buyers.


Appoint day for interview and engage employees. Train them to help with conducting marketing, work with clients and management of retail shop. All employees are obliged to imagine accurately that from them it is required day after day. Holding several business meetings with the purpose of brain storm will become useful. Suggest everyone to create idea and to think as the enterprise can attract new buyers and clients. Let employees ask questions and make if necessary the offers.


Receive all necessary goods in due time to start business. For preparation for sale, for example, of sanitary devices or electric devices, it is necessary to obtain all the corresponding licenses and to agree with local authorities on implementation of similar activity.