The summer Olympic Games of 1916 in Berlin

The summer Olympic Games of 1916 in Berlin

According to legends, in Ancient Greece for the period of holding the Olympic Games all wars stopped, and opponents competed only on sports grounds. The Olympic Movement was revived last years of the nineteenth century, but it could not change new priorities of a modern civilization. War it is more important than the Olympic Games now, and as a constant reminder on it the figure VI serves in the chronicle of summer games is a serial number of the Olympic Games which was not.

The sponsor of placement P&G As passed Articles on the subject "The Summer Olympic Games of 1916 in Berlin" the Olympic Games of 2010 in Vancouver the Summer Olympic Games of 1912 in Stockholm Where there took place the Summer Olympic Games of 2000 Top-5 What place Russia in a medal count of the Olympic Games in London took What sports will be at the Olympic Games in London Who made a speech at Olympic Games opening Who will act at the Olympic Games closing ceremony in London Who such Oscar Pistorius as Top-5 the Olympic Games That the Olympic symbolics from 5 rings Who the youngest Olympic champion means What summer sports belong to Olympic As passed the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece As there took place the last Olympic Games the Right of holding a summer sports forum in 1916 Berlin acquired at the 14th session of the International Olympic Committee which took place in 1912 in the Swedish capital - Stockholm. Except it the Greek Alexandria, the American Cleveland, Austro-Hungarian Budapest and two more European capitals - the Dutch Amsterdam and the Belgian Brussels applied for the VI summer Olympic Games.

The same year Berlin began preparation for future Olympic Games, and the ceremonial opening of the main stadium of summer games - 18-thousand Deutsches Stadion took place already next summer. However in a year in Sarajevo the Bosnian terrorist Gavrila Printsip shot the Austrian archduke Franz Ferdinand and it laid the foundation of the process which led to crash not only the Berlin Olympic Games, but also four empires. During 1914 and 1915 of 33 countries from different continents were involved in war in quality of allies or opponents of Germany.

However in 1914 nobody counted that military operations in civilized Europe will last of the XX century for years. Even after declaration of war to three states the German Empire continued preparation for the Olympic Games before which start date there were two more years. But the conflict became more fiercely, and in March, 1915 the German Imperial Olympic Committee sent the memorandum in which reported about continuation of preparation for the VI summer Olympic Games to the IOC. In the same document it was said that Germany will allow to participation in competitions only athletes from the countries allies and the neutral states. The answer followed very quickly and was sounded by the head of the French Olympic Committee who reported that the IOC will not hold the Olympic Games till 1920.

On it the history of the summer Olympic Games of 1916 was complete, but the VI number IOC left behind cancelled games in Berlin, and to the following Olympic Games in Antwerp assigned the seventh serial number.