How to cease to work

How to cease to work

Nietzsche wrote: "The one who cannot have two thirds of day personally for himself, has to be called the slave". The standard system of thinking looks at the concept "work" as into place where the person has to come daily and carry out there the most part of the day, so, and lives. And only thus it will be able to support itself(himself), and in general to lead the family worthy existence. There is a simple question - and from what you took it?

It is required to you

Ability to do something is good, with love. Courage, determination. Internet.

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Replace in the consciousness the phrase "my work" with "my business", and everything will rise at once on the places. "Work" is something related on a root with the word "slavery", the word "put", on the contrary, has more positive, serious shade. You have a hobby? Think how to become in the hobby the professional, i.e. that to whom money that he does pays. If you love and are able to play the guitar - gather group of pupils or get a job the musician in night club, play in park, on streets. It is much better, than to kill the time at office behind hated work.


Move to a country house. You should not be spent for transport and to buy products at inflated prices. It is even better if get a cow, birds, a kitchen garden. It is also possible to be engaged in cultivation of bees, rabbits, lambs and other living creatures. Become closer to the nature - she will give you all necessary for life.


Open the business - cafe, shop, civil engineering firm, travel agency, etc. At first it is necessary to work, but over time if you find reliable deputies and will create good team, will be able to entrust a business management to the people, and will simply get profit.