How to make a cage for guinea pigs

How to make a cage for guinea pigs

Guinea pigs — lovely and quiet animals. In the contents they are not really whimsical, however they need own lodge and a slice of the own territory. As well as many other rodents, guinea pigs need to move much, so — the cage has to be rather spacious. In a cage surely there has to be a shelter where the animal can hide.

It is required to you

Wooden box
Metal gauze
Plates for a lodge
Door loop
Hook and loop or latch
Joiner's tools
Joiner's glue

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Make a wooden box. If there is an opportunity to get rather big packing-case. Can take also it. The main thing — pay attention to the sizes and also that its bottom and walls had no cracks. If you have only one guinea pig, take a box with an area of bottom of 60х40 cm and walls of 40-45 cm high Having cleared a ready box, cut "windows" in three sidewalls and a ceiling - honor openings with the size in all wall, it is necessary to leave 15 cm from below and on 3-4 cm from sides and a ceiling. It is possible to make a cage of rather high box in general without roof. Pigs perfectly will feel there. The wide strip from below needs to be made because guinea pigs do not love drafts.


In one of walls make a door. Cut off from a lath 4 pieces on internal perimeter of a sidewall and fasten them among themselves. It can be made, having cut off corners at an angle 45 ° and having stuck together cuts joiner's glue.


Cut off pieces of a grid. They have to be approximately equal to the corresponding walls of a box — can be, it is slightly less, but such that completely closed "windows" and still were some centimeters on fastening from each party. Beat a grid on all walls of future cage, a ceiling and a door. It is possible to strengthen from the inside in addition them laths.


Put a door on a door loop. Small carnations beat to it a hook, and on a cage wall — an eyelet. If you do a cage without roof, the door is not especially necessary to you, to change a forage, water and a laying it is possible and through a roof. In principle, the cage is ready, now it is necessary to think of its equipment.


First of all you need the pallet. It has to be rather high. The pallet can be picked up in pet-shop but if to you has the luck to find big photographic to a ditch — too it will be quite good. It is possible to make the pallet and of a tree, but it is more difficult to wash it. The pallet has to pass freely at a door.


The lodge can be made of a box less. Any special shifts for this purpose it is not required, it is enough to cut through an entrance in one of sides. Put in a lodge of fresh hay. It too should be changed regularly. In a cage surely there have to be a feeding trough and a drinking bowl. A drinking bowl more preferable mechanical which is suspended to a grid. It is possible to make also a sennik.


All other elements of the dwelling of your pet — on your discretion. In a cage there can be toys, short flights of stairs, labyrinths. The wheel is not necessary for guinea pigs. They not especially love it, and they have on that bases — a weak backbone. So the wheel can even be harmful to them. Short flights of stairs too should not be high.