How to bend the aluminum shape

How to bend the aluminum shape

Aluminum – the most convenient metal for creation of various self-made creations as easily bends and has rather low temperature of melting. If you like something to make the hands, you for certain had a question how to bend the aluminum shape. Actually, a problem even not in bending aluminum it is not so difficult to make. The real problem – to bend it exactly, without "accordion" and cracks.

It is required to you

- gas torch;
- the sifted river sand;
- pipe bender;
- listogib;
- three-roller prokatochny machine;
- cutting torch or Bulgarian;
- soap.

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To bend an aluminum pipe, take river small sand (better sifted) and calcinate it; sand has to be absolutely dry. Fill it very densely in a tube and close it from two parties wooden rivets, and it is better to kill the second with a hammer that sand was even more condensed. Bend a pipe - if everything is made correctly, it will exactly bend and without corrugation ("accordions"). Do not violate the listed conditions at all, differently the pipe can go an ellipse or even to tear on a seam.

To facilitate a gibka, in addition warm up a pipe with sand a torch - then it will be simply possible to bend a hand, with little effort.

If you need to bend a large number of pipes, buy the pipe bender on necessary diameter - with its help you will be able to bend pipes easily and quickly. Even more to accelerate process, heat metal.

Other option pipes are flexible: heat an aluminum tube that it became plastic, fill in in it water and freeze. When water freezes, bend a pipe.

Place a spring or a metalplastic tube that that was bent exactly in a pipe.

To bend an aluminum corner, heat it a torch and in some stages, gradually, bend.

For the qualitative are flexible a corner use the three-roller prokatochny machine or roll it on rollers where there is a board for a corner.

Exactly to bend aluminum sheet, take the cutting torch, for example, turned from a thin file and on the marked lines make wide cuts (pro-points) depth not less than a half from leaf thickness. Then accurately bend a leaf towards a flute - the line will turn out very equal. It is possible to make an incision a leaf also the Bulgarian - for this purpose limit depth of a cut and on the marked line exactly cut through a leaf.

If it is required to bend a small leaf (to 0,5 m), put back a bend a metal channel, a corner or a wooden bar, record and attract through it a leaf. Very accurately kiyanky for delicate works bend a leaf.

Bend sheets of the big size by means of listogibochny machines.