How quickly to restore muscles

How quickly to restore muscles

Most of men dream to have a beautiful and strong body. But any physical activity in a gym leads to a stress and microinjuries of muscles. Therefore after training it is necessary to find time for restoration of muscular tissue.

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For certain the few athletes know that for the best restoration of muscles after trainings, strengthening of muscles and removal of tension in them the extension is extremely necessary. Surely carry out a set of exercises on an extension after work with heavy scales, at this time muscles are especially elastic and warmed. Stretch muscles until completely experience them, when developing pain – stop.

It is very important to plan correctly time of trainings so that the interval between them made not less than forty eight hours is the minimum time necessary for partial restoration of muscular tissue. Every three months trainings do a break for a week that the organism managed to have a rest completely.

The full-fledged dream is necessary not only for maintenance of normal mental functioning. It provides due rest for your trained muscles. The dream restores muscles and increases stress level (because of increase in level of a cortisol) in an organism that only promotes strengthening of muscles. The full-fledged dream has to make not less than seven hours in a night if the schedule of work allows to make it, take a nap at least twenty minutes during the day.

Massage will help to restore muscles after intensive training. For this purpose you will need the good expert who will be able correctly to make massage of internal fabrics of an organism and muscles. Deep massage is capable to reach muscle fibers, such effect will not give any a daily extension.

The sauna and bathtub are capable to improve blood circulation and to increase body temperature. As a result of it fatty tissues will receive more nutrients and oxygen, necessary for restoration of muscular tissue. These procedures are recommended to be carried out after training or before going to bed completely to relax. Remain in a sauna or a bathroom from ten to fifteen minutes. After that it is possible to make a small extension, muscles flexible and elastic so far.