What is banning yogis?

What is banning yogis?
In the world there are very effective and long ago known ways of rejuvenation which are not demanding any special efforts or expenses. Constantly use one of these ways in India, and it is called "a bath of yogis". What is banning yogis?

The bath of yogis is very interesting means for rejuvenation of skin. First of all, before procedure it is necessary to smear well skin by means of olive or vegetable oil and to massage body sites available to you for ten minutes. If there is an opportunity to resort to the help of the massage therapist or loved one, it will be even better.

While there is a massage, the bathtub has to be filled with water with a temperature over temperature of human body, but not really hot. Then it is necessary to plunge into a bathtub as it is possible more slowly that your body could experience contrast of air temperatures and water.

In a bathtub it is necessary to make full relaxation of muscles and completely to be disconnected from disturbing thoughts. It is necessary to achieve feeling of soaring and zero gravity. While you are in a bathtub, do not forget to pound periodically a body around joints.

Duration of procedure makes fifteen minutes. Then wash away oil by means of soap and take a shower of cool temperature. The Indian yogas carrying out such procedures of times in a week is recommended.