How to put on alpine skiing boots

How to put on alpine skiing boots

Mountain skiing is quite extreme and demands serious material investments. One of important elements of stock – boots, from them depends the clearness of transfer of force on your body on a ski and technology of driving. It is necessary to put on alpine skiing boots thoughtfully, accurately and correctly.

It is required to you

- alpine skiing boots;
- long socks.

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On a frost plastic parts of boots become firm therefore let's or not to allow to them freeze (for example, to bring them in a dense bag), or somewhere to warm. If you came by the car, put on boots, they still warm and rather soft so far.

Under boots best of all put on special long alpine skiing socks. It is possible to manage also usual linen, but watch that there were no lumps and folds, both at socks, and at the clothes getting to a boot. The thermolinen has to come to an end in a sock above a top and not get to a boot.

If boots are rather big – do not put in anything, he will not sit more densely. Select alpine skiing boots only of the size, they have to shrink on a foot densely, but not cause painful feelings and not press blood supply.

Move apart shutters of an external rigid boot in a top, pull out outside and take boot language aside. Get a foot inside, rotating it round an ankle joint a little. The foot has to be screwed in a boot as if.

Put into place language of a boot and connect top shutters. The heel will rise better if you knock with a foot about a floor. If the heel did not "rise", clasp leaky top clip and press on a top forward, slightly move a foot in a boot. Fingers thus should not be bent and squeezed. Enclose language in a soft insert and acquire slings (if it is provided by the producer).

Start clasping clip-on earrings. To record a foot in a boot, clasp two central clip-on earrings located on a joint then tighten extreme clip-on earrings and a belt. Try to record well a foot, but it is not necessary to tighten too strongly.

Tighten clip-on earrings serially, every time adding one division. It is very convenient if clip-on earrings of your boots on a carving – in that case you are able to pick up the optimum provision of each fastener.

Draw slings if after fastening of clips they weakened. Hook on a petticoat of trousers for a boot and lower a trouser-leg.

After couple of descents tighten clip-on earrings because the foot when driving changes a form a little. Now you are ready to conquest of mountain open spaces!