How to choose a bar

How to choose a bar

Among construction wood the houses made of a bar since this material is ecologically safe enjoy special popularity and, at the same time, has excellent characteristics on durability, resistance to loadings and heatsaving. The bar happens three types: natural humidity, profiled and glued.

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Bar of natural humidity.

The most popular and inexpensive material. It is better to use such bar in case you plan to live in the house mainly during the spring and summer period. The main lack of this bar is that in the course of drying on its lateral surfaces there are cracks, and after shrinkage (approximately in 2-3 years) the additional covering of walls can be demanded by lining or a siding.


Profiled bar.

Most often the profiled bar is made of coniferous breeds by milling or planing. Such bar at production is given a standard rectangular shape (profile). Though happens that the inside of a bar has a flat surface, and outside of the building – convex. Houses from a profiled bar look beautifully and accurately and do not demand additional finishing. Choosing such bar, you save time on its construction. Thanks to special dredging, it is easy to put a profiled bar as the meccano where each detail is ideally suited to each other. Cracks in such house will not arise, and you will need only to sand walls and to walk on them an anti-septic tank or paint. It is possible to live in such house during the winter period, without being afraid of winds, hits of moisture between bars and emergence of the centers of rotting.

If after construction of the house you decide to be engaged in finishing, it is necessary to wait until the profiled bar gains relative humidity.


Glued bar.

The glued bar is made of the boards (lamels) which are previously dried up and covered with antiseptic fire-prevention means. Ready lamels stick together in beams. In this case in use the house executed from a glued bar keeps the initial form. Therefore if you want to live in the house right after its construction, the glued bar is optimum option since practically excludes shrinkage (no more than 1%), and you will never face a distortion of door or window openings.