How to make a fortune

How to make a fortune

That "to make a fortune", once constantly the rules conform personal financial planning. The main thing - to take a step forward, to take the responsibility for the financial wellbeing, to set for itself the accurate objects.

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It is necessary to spend less, than you receive. For example, you earn 30 000 rubles a month. For a start preserve at least one thousand. So it is necessary to do and with a regular salary, and with each single monetary receipt. Received a certain sum for a side job - postpone in "accumulation".


You should not take the credit. The credit is a not only financial instrument, it anyway a debt which grows and which needs to be returned accurately. It is not recommended to take money from a credit card for purchase something not especially for you important. The credit is possible only as correctly planned solution of a specific problem.


Try to save not simply, and to invest money. It can be opening of the account on the cash card, the introduction in the program of joint financing of pension, the conclusion of the contract with a non-state pension fund or an investment of investments into mutual fund. The main thing - money "in the distance" from you, you will not spend them. Moreover, such "abstract" money has to work.