How to look at transfer

How to look at transfer

Many could estimate convenience of use of cash cards. There is no need to carry with themselves the large sums of money, it is enough to have one card. But here to check receipts not always happens simply.

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It is possible to check balance of the bank account at transfer of money for the card in several ways: by means of the ATM, the cell phone or the Internet.

Viewing of cash flow by means of the ATM of "the" bank - the most widespread option. Insert a plastic card into the device, choose from the offered menu a mini-extract about the last transactions of the card account and look at the received result on the printed-out receipt. For this service in some banks raise an additional fee.

The next way is a control of transfers by the mobile phone. In large banks there are special mobile services (for example, "Mobile bank" from Sberbank of Russia) and all changes on the account will come to you in the form of SMS messages. At connection to this service the monthly fee, but after two-month use of service is raised.

Online services on the sites of banks are one more way of check of transfer to a plastic card. For connection it is necessary to issue an application in bank or to be registered on the site. After that you get a user ID and the password. They are necessary for login as at the connected service, so at access to system without connection. After commission of all operations all information on the card will be available to you.