How to make equal tone of the person

How to make equal tone of the person

Beautiful equal tone of the person, will never get out of fashion. Pigmentary spots, spots, inflammations, wrinkles of very few people go. Observe small cunnings and your skin will look healthy and natural.

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Before use of a basis under a make-up, well moisten skin. Use for this cream, the emulsions which are ideally suited for your type of skin. Accurately clean the cream remains a dry napkin.


Choice of a voice-frequency basis. In order that tone of the person looked faultlessly equal, correctly choose a basis. For the help, address to the cosmetologist. Apply foundation by means of a damp sponzh. So the basis to lay down more evenly and less considerably. If you need to hide signs of fatigue, dimness of face skin, use a voice-frequency basis one tone lighter. Thus choose cream with more transparent and easy texture.


Use of the proofreader. Its main destination – to hide shortcomings of your skin. If you wish to hide dark circles under eyes, choose liquid cream the proofreader. Put it with a thin layer under eyes then, use foundation. If the purpose of your adjustment are spots, the proofreader pencil put over foundation.


The basic rule at a foundation choice – use of a basis is one tone lighter or is more dark than your skin. In the return case, to you not to avoid effect of a mask, as if you did not try.